Walt Disney World vs. Amusement Parks

Walt Disney World is one of the most amazing vacations and destinations!  There are so many great perks and offerings that once you visit you will see how the resort can’t be compared to the typical amusement parks that are scattered around the globe.  Check out some of these things that make Walt Disney World so much different:


10. Walt Disney World is a collection of theme parks.

Walt Disney World isn’t just a single destination, it is actually a collection of theme parks that each have their own unique offerings.  Each one offers a unique, immersive experience with different attractions, characters and more.  Each theme park also offers an evening show, one of the things that Disney is most known for.  You can’t beat the evening fireworks and projection shows that are available at the theme parks, as they are a perfect way to end the day.

9. Food offerings are more robust and unique.

When visiting Walt Disney World, you get to experience so much more than just burgers, fries, hot dogs, etc.  When visiting amusement parks, I have always found the food options to be boring and the food to be of lesser quality.  At Disney World, there are a snack, quick service and table service dining options based on individual dining preferences and budget.  Even the snack and quick service offerings feature offerings from a variety of different cuisines and tastes.  It’s definitely not your typical theme park food, but don’t worry, you can still find a great variety of burgers, hot dogs, etc., too! Even better, when dining at quick service locations you may be able to order your food via Mobile Order so that you don’t have to wait in line to order!

8. The focus at Walt Disney World isn’t just on thrill rides and roller coasters.

When visiting amusement parks, it seems like guests are most concerned about which roller coaster goes the highest, fastest, etc.  At Disney World each of the attractions focuses on the entire experience.  There are definitely great thrill ride options, but even with those there is a level of theming and detail put into the attractions where you get immersed into an experience unlike anything that you could experience anywhere else.


7. There are numerous recognizable characters and brands featured in the attractions.

Depending on the amusement park chain, there may be a few recognizable characters or movies that you may see, but at Disney World just about everything is based on some sort of popular character, film, land, etc. In some cases, like Pirates of the Caribbean, the ride even launched the Disney movie franchise.  We connect more with the attractions and experiences because they are also themed after something that we are already familiar with and love.

6. Cast Members focus on magical experiences and guest happiness at Walt Disney World.

The service and care that are demonstrated by the Cast Members at Walt Disney World is above the standard expectations for an amusement park.  There is special training given to the Disney Cast Members to teach them how to go above and beyond to create magical memories for guests.  Many guests can remember the name or a story about something that a Disney Cast Member did for them, making them forever a part of their vacation memories.

5. The FastPass+ service offering is free.

At many of the amusement parks out there, if you want a service that is equivalent to the FastPass+ service you end up paying extra for that. At Walt Disney World, the service is included with park admission.  Every guest received 3 FastPass+ selections.  Once those are used, they are eligible for a 4th selection based on FastPass+ availability and so on until the park closes.  This is a great perk and can help guests experience even more during their park visit.

4. Guests can plan their day via My Disney Experience.

Guests can create a free account via My Disney Experience.  Once they have done this, they link park tickets, vacation packages, etc.  Using the tools, guest are able to book FastPass+ experience, make notes about their day, see dining plans, view park photos, order food from a quick service location and more.  It helps guests to save time and stay organized so that they get the most out of their day.

3. The park is well maintained and cleanliness is of great concern.

Disney Parks are among the cleanest and most well-kept parks.  Disney prides itself on being “show ready” so there are constantly custodial crew that are working to keep the park clean and picked up so that guests have beautiful theme parks to enjoy.  The attractions and facilities are frequently updated with fresh paint and other refurbishments to keep everything looking top notch, too.

2. Numerous services offered to ensure guest satisfaction, safety and convenience.

Disney Parks offer a variety of services to help ensure that guests can get the most out of their day.  There are different package handling options so that guests can purchase souvenirs and other items in the parks and not have to carry them around all day.  There are baby care centers where parents can comfortably feed and change their babies and younger children.  Security is a major priority at Disney, so there are routine bag and security checks to help ensure that the park is safe for guests.  Guest Relations are also always available to help answer questions and resolve issues, too!

1. Guests can add to the magic in the parks with the Play Disney Parks app.

One of the newer offerings that Disney released is the Play Disney Parks app.  This app allows guests to interact with attractions and experiences in the park unlike ever before.  There are mini games, music playlists, ride queue interactions and more.  It is a free app that guests can enjoy and use while in the parks to enhance their experience.

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