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Ways to Keep Cool When Visiting Disney World

It’s a well-known fact that temperatures can heat up tremendously in the sunny state of Florida. The consistently warm climate here was, after all, one of the main reasons why Walt Disney sought out this location in particular as the site for his follow-up Disney Resort and theme park. While warmer weather works better for running a year-round theme park destination, folks who are particularly bothered by the heat may find the climate to be their sole obstacle in even considering a Disney vacation. Even if you can relate, don’t be that person who stands in the way of your family getting to embark on a most magical experience just because you can’t handle the heat. Instead, you need to take note of the many ways to keep cool, even during your Disney visit. Need some tips? Here are 10 cool considerations to keep in mind when visiting Disney World.

10. Plan to Visit During the Winter

You may think of Florida as having a perpetually hot and humid climate, but truth be told, that isn’t always the case. Suppose you want to experience more manageable temperatures, lower humidity, and a reduced risk of having a run-in with a hurricane. In that case, your best bet may be to book your Disney World vacation during the winter months. For the most part, central Florida winters are still significantly warmer than in most other locations throughout the United States. Of course, there are those occasional cold fronts, even in this area. But generally, Guests visiting the Orlando area will still be able to enjoy such pastimes as swimming year-round. Plus, all Disney Resort pools are heated to maintain a consistent 82-degree temperature at all times. Even better, if you visit Walt Disney World around the holidays, you’ll also get to see all that stunning seasonal décor—certainly icing on the cake.

Main Street Decorated for the Holidays

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9. Wear the Right Kind of Clothing

Be mindful of what you wear when heading out to Disney Parks with intentions to stay awhile. For instance, you may be tempted to wear casual and convenient clothes like jeans. But the fact remains, denim material can be rather heavy and unbreathable in the Florida heat, and sweating in a thick pair of jeans is never fun. Instead, it would be best if you opted for lighter-weight materials—softer, breathable textures. Lighter colors are always preferable, as darker hues can make you feel hotter. Modest T-shirts and athletic shorts are excellent considerations. Just be sure that when planning out your wardrobe to keep to Disney Dress Code.

Different Clothing Options Modeled for Disney Parks

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8. Pack Trusty Cooling Assistants

You can bring along a couple of useful items to help you stay cooler when venturing to the different Disney theme park and Resort locations. While a refillable water bottle may be a more obvious suggestion, some useful yet often overlooked items you may benefit from packing in your bag include cooling towels and miniature misting fans. A cooling towel is great because you can pre-wet it and take it out later when you need it the most. And miniature misting fans can be found at many locations. They even make miniature plugin fans for smartphones—a most convenient way to keep cool if ever there was one.

Three Images of Different Cooling Gadgets

7. Head to Water Splash Areas and Misting Stations

There are several designated water play areas throughout different Disney Park locations, for kids to take delight in splashing around when things heat up. But who says adults can’t get in on the action as well? Especially for parents with children, there is a viable excuse to play and splash around. Otherwise, you can always casually pass by and enjoy the refreshing water that way.

There are also a host of misting stations throughout the Parks as well. These may be a less conscious option for adults longing to cool off while out and about.

A Splash Area and Spray Zone at Disney World

6. Stay Well-Watered

Nothing hits the spot like a refreshing drink of water. And remember, you can get a complimentary cup of ice water at any quick-service location throughout Disney World. It will keep you cool and hydrated right when you need it. And it’s free! Of course, if money is no obstacle, you can also opt for some tasty ice treats. There are so many options, from frozen lemonades to creamy ice cream delights, Dole Whips to classic Mickey Mouse bars. The choices are seemingly limitless.

Three Different Ice Cold Treat Options

5. Make the Most Out of Mornings and Evenings

Consider getting an early start and hitting all the usually hot and sunny spots at Disney World well ahead of the day’s peak temperatures. Whether visiting Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom Park the verdict remains the same in that crowds are typically lighter earlier in the day and wait lines are generally shorter. And even those times you are waiting in line are much more bearable given that the sun has not reached its zenith yet and the temperatures have not yet risen to their daily high.

Alternatively, it may be a good idea to step away from the Parks around midday and then return for some cooler experiences in the evening once the sun is on retreat for the night. This can be a beautiful time to enjoy Disney Park offerings, and you may even be met with an accompanying, refreshing evening breeze if you are lucky. It is when many folks are heading to dinnertime engagements, and young ones are ready to return to their Resorts or take in the fireworks at a designated location. If you’ve already done the latter, this may offer you the perfect time to revisit some of your favorite attractions with little to no wait time.

Two Side-By-Side Comparisons of Magic Kingdom Morning and Evening

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4. Do All the Indoor Stuff Midday

In continuation of the plan for reserving hotter pursuits for either earlier or later in the day, you should also save all the indoor, air-conditioned attractions for midday. This provides the perfect balance in letting you get to do everything you set out to do, but in a well-managed way that prioritizes comfort and convenience.

Inside Image of Gran Fiesta Tour Attraction

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3. Schedule Sit-Down Mealtimes Indoors

While counter-service options and outdoor kiosks may be convenient when you’re on the go, many locations only have outdoor, limited seating at best. And this is definitely not what you want to settle for when temperatures reach their daily maximum. That’s why you should make it a point to prioritize locations that offer indoor seating with air-conditioning. Several quick-service spots offer just that, but perhaps you can arrange for some excellent table-service experiences during this time. Doing so will give you extended time to relax and cool down, without feeling the need to rush on to the next big thing.

Family Sitting Down to a Table Service Meal

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2. Get Drenched on Kali River Rapids

This may be the most debatable recommendation, particularly for folks looking to cool off without spending the rest of the day soaked and uncomfortable. But suppose you do not mind getting drenched. In that case, no Disney Park attraction (outside of Disney Water Parks) delivers quite so well as Kali River Rapids, on location at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. It is a whitewater rafting adventure that is certain to soak any rider in attendance. And if you feel like you’re burning up and need something like this, then it is your ultimate answer.

Folks Getting Soaked on Kali River Rapids Attraction

Credit: Disney Dining

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1. Go for a Swim

Nothing beats the heat quite so well as going for a refreshing swim. And fortunately, Disney Resort hotels are all known for their incredible onsite pool offerings, which are certainly worth taking time out from the Parks to enjoy. Whether you return from earlier-in-the-day endeavors or decide to have a “Resort day” swimming provides the perfect solution for when the sun is at its most intense position, and the humidity is at its highest.

Also, remember that Disney is home to two great water parks worth visiting. They are Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Blizzard Beach. Both offer wonderful water-based attractions. And while ongoing refurbishments cannot guarantee that both locations will be open simultaneously when you go on vacation, Disney has been good about having at least one in operation when even the other is temporarily unavailable.

Family Swimming at Typhoon Lagoon

Credit: Disney

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It can be a challenge, especially for those greatly bothered by the heat, but there are several creative ways to keep cool while visiting Walt Disney World Resort. So don’t let the heat be the reason for missing out on what is sure to be the most magical Disney experience you will ever know.

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