What Teens Like About Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World can get the reputation for being just for little kids, but teens love this magical destination as well.  We have a look at why teens like vacations to Walt Disney World just as much as little kids and even adults.

Credit: Disney by Kent Phillips

Rides for Teens

The first misconception is that there are only baby rides.  This is definitely not the case.  In each of the four Theme Parks there are thrill rides that teens will enjoy.  Starting at Magic Kingdom, the three mountains are going to appeal to a lot of teens.  Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad all provide excitement and thrills.  Teens will find rides such as Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Jungle Cruise entertaining as well.  In EPCOT, some teens might not like the educational part of the Park, but they will find Test Track, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, Soarin’, and Mission: SPACE all worth a trip.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom also has rides for teens.  There they can chase down a Dinosaur, Yeti, and ride a Banshee.  Who wouldn’t find that adventurous?  A trip on Kilimanjaro Safaris will also leave teens amazed.  Over in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, teens will find a lot of thrills as they take a trip on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, drop in on Tower of Terror, take a trip with Slinky Dog, and another with Mickey and Minnie.  Don’t forget Rise of the Resistance, one of the most immersive and outstanding rides built anywhere.  It is clear when you really look into it that there are tons of rides for teens to do throughout the four Disney World Theme Parks.

Time With Family

Teens love Disney because it allows them to be with their families.  Even though they might not admit it, teens do love having that focused family time.  So often at home we are running from practice to an event that we don’t have a lot of time to slow down and just be together.  Disney is a place that allows families to have time for this.  If it is waiting in the lines together or riding rides or having meals together, a Disney vacation is a place where families can have special time together, and teens appreciate that more than we know.

Appreciate the Stories

When kids are little they fall in love with the magic of Disney.  As children get older, they become more interested in the stories that help create the magic.  Teens start to enjoy the stories behind rides such as Haunted Mansion, Tower of Terror, Dinosaur, and others.  Even though they love the rides for the fun they bring, they also start to appreciate and notice how the stories come together and help build the magic throughout.

Enjoy the Food

What teen doesn’t love food? Disney certainly has a lot of it!  Teens will surely love all of the food found throughout Walt Disney World.  From great table service meals where they can enjoy a steak to quick service and food carts where they can find their favorite Mickey shaped snack, there is food all over Disney and teens will love that fact.


We have quickly learned that a trip to Disney relies a lot on technology now and who better to know how to use it than teens?  Get teens on the My Disney Experience app because they are going to be able to navigate it like a pro.  Teens will love searching for those next Genie+ options, watching wait times, and navigating Mobile Orders.  In Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, teens become pros at using their datapads throughout Batuu and being able to quickly interact with the new world.  The Play Disney app is another great app for teens to have on their phones, as they can use it while waiting in line.  It is a fun way for the whole family to play games together and learn Disney trivia as well.  Teens will quickly be experts on the technology that is needed on a Disney vacation.

Parents Become Kids Again

They might not admit it out loud but another reason that teens enjoy Disney is that it allows their parents to become kids once again.  Seeing their parents and other adults in the family laugh, scream, and giggle like kids once again is all part of the Disney magic.  Teens will enjoy seeing their family members being able to step away from adulting for a while and enjoy being in the fun.  Where else can family members fly around in a flying elephant together?


The Disney magic extends to the Walt Disney World Resorts and teens are going to love it.  Teens will enjoy the well themed pools, activity options, relaxing rooms, and the easy transportation to and from the Theme Parks and the Resort.  All of the Disney Resort Hotels have outstanding themes, there is sure to be one or more that your teen will love.

A Little Freedom

Another aspect of Disney that teens like is that it is a place that they can show a little independence.  As teens get older, they are able to be in a Disney Park on their own for a while.  For many families, this is a great place to allow their teens a little more freedom.  They can choose to ride some rides on their own or even use Disney transportation to head to a Park or Resort on their own.  Teens will greatly appreciate this ability to have a little freedom.

Even though Walt Disney World might seem like a Theme Park for little kids, teens still greatly enjoy the magic throughout Disney.  If you have a teen of your own, don’t dismiss a magical family vacation to Walt Disney World.

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