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What’s In Your Park Bag?

It might seem like you are bringing the whole house with you into a Walt Disney World theme Park that first time. You aren’t sure exactly what you need to have on hand, so you just bring it all. We have the dos and don’ts of packing to help you out, but we also have suggestions for your Park bag. To help you lighten your load a little, we have what we would consider the must haves for your Park bag. 



No matter when you are visiting Walt Disney World, make sure you have sunscreen with you. It doesn’t matter if you travel during the “winter” months. The Florida sun is no joke, so be prepared. Throw in your favorite sunscreen, so you are protected against those rays.

Rain Gear

Like sunscreen, you will want to make sure you have rain gear no matter when you travel to Walt Disney World. Florida rain pops up all the time, and you won’t want to get stuck in wet clothes all day, so throw in those cheap dollar ponchos, so you are ready to sing in the rain.


Lip Balm

Something that might catch you off guard is how much your lips dry out in the humidity of Florida. To help keep them protected from the sun and moisturized, make sure you throw in some lip balm. This will make you feel so much better than chapped lips during vacation.

credit: insidethemagic

credit: insidethemagic

Hand Sanitizer

This isn’t surprising as most of us are carrying hand sanitizer with us everywhere nowadays. Make sure you have some attached to your bag for easy access as you get on and off rides or sit down to eat a snack. Even though Disney has it throughout the parks, it is super convenient when it is right there in your bag.


Water Bottle

Another item that you will want to make sure you have is a water bottle. With all the walking and the heat of the day, you will want to make sure you are staying hydrated. Pick out a fun water bottle to bring along with you into the theme parks, and then keep filling it up throughout the day. This is a great way to save money, so you don’t end up buying a lot of bottled water. Keep in mind that you can get water from quick service locations and at the refilling stations.

credit: amazon

credit: amazon

Portable Charger

We rely on our phones so much, and this becomes even more important in Walt Disney World. As we use My Disney Experience for our mobile ordering, wait times, and so much more, our phones are something that has become essential to a Disney World vacation. Don’t get stuck with a dead phone. Make sure you have portable chargers and cords to charge your phone as you go throughout the day. You will be surprised how quickly it drains in the parks, so be prepared.



Another item you need to keep you protected from the sun is those trusted sunglasses. These are super important when being outside all day. Keep those eyes protected by wearing sunglasses!



This might seem silly, but we have started to make sure we always have a portable fan with us in our Park bag. Having some air movement during the heat of the day can make or break how we feel. There are so many small, portable ones that we find easy to carry with us.



It doesn’t matter if we are on a solo trip or with our kids. We like having wipes with us in our Park bag. These are great for wiping down areas that might need an additional sweep or for using on our hands with hand sanitizer just isn’t doing it. Of course, they are great for messy faces as well!


Those are we must have items when we head into the theme parks. We feel like those are items that are important to have with us each day. Next are items that we bring with us because they are convenient but aren’t as important each trip into the Park.



We like to have Ziploc bags with us for those unexpected emergencies. We like using them for water rides or for when things get dirty. We also have bigger ones for when it rains, and we want to keep items protected. These are great for all those random items that you want to keep from hiding in the bottom of your bag.



We keep individual snacks in our Park bag to help with those hangry moments that pop up. We enjoy all the snacks around the theme parks, but sometimes, we need something quick when those hunger pains hit. Having a granola bar or some fruit snacks can save the moment.


Hydration Packs

We have started to be a big fan of the hydration packs that you can get on Amazon or in stores. There are various brands, and we find them super helpful when we are starting to get worn down and dehydrated in the parks. Throwing one into our water can make a huge difference.


Those are our top items to bring into the theme parks when we visit Walt Disney World. It might seem like a lot, but we have found having these items on hand help make our day in the Park that much better. From being prepared for the weather to having snacks, we feel these items can set us up for success in the Park. What items do you make sure to have with you? See what the pros pack compared to this list here.

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