Why Are There ‘Snowgies’ at Disney’s Blizzard Beach?

The level of detail and storytelling in various areas of the Walt Disney World Resort and Disney Parks around the world is unmatched. No design is unintentional, and everything is meticulously researched and crafted by Imagineers to help immerse Guests in the story of an attraction, land, or even Resort.

What happens when the story doesn’t add up though? For one instance of such an issue, we’ll need to head over to Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park.


Credit: Pics from the World of Disney

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Both Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon come with detailed backstories, making them extremely unique compared to other, often totally un-themed water parks across the country. In the case of Blizzard Beach, the official backstory tells us of a freak snowstorm in Central Florida that prompted the construction of a ski Resort. And as the snow melted, the Resort became the water park that Guests can experience today.

While Blizzard Beach’s official story is totally original and not from any pre-existing IP, its latest refurbishment included the addition of Frozen (2013) elements to one area of the Park. Given that Frozen is entirely unrelated to Florida’s freak snowstorm and resulting water park, you may be led to believe that this is where the issue lies, but that is not quite the case.

Frozen at Blizzard Beach

Credit: Disney

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The Frozen theming is limited to an area of the Disney Park reserved for only the youngest Guests called Tike’s Peak. As such, we and many Disney fans can forgive the seemingly random inclusion of later movie characters, where little ones would love to see Anna and Elsa, along with Olaf, and since the theming is limited to one location, it is not really clashing with the rest of the park. We do have one question about the Frozen theming in Tike’s Peak though….Why are there snowgies?

In case you need the refresher, “snowgies” were only introduced for the first time in the 2015 animated short, Frozen Fever. During the short, Elsa unintentionally creates the snowgies every time she sneezes while she is feeling under the weather.

Disney's Blizzard Beach Frozen Theming

Credit: Disney

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This means that there is actually a continuity error at Blizzard Beach as the water park shows Anna and Elsa playing with the snowgies as children, but the snowgies were not actually created until Elsa had a cold during Frozen Fever as an adult

Perhaps later Frozen content will confirm that the snowgies did indeed exist when Arendelle’s royal sisters were kids, but until then we might have to keep wondering…why are there snowgies at Blizzard Beach?

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