Disney Guest Twerking

Woman Gets On All Fours To Twerk in Front of Donald in Distasteful Display at Disney Park

Here we go again with another questionable moment captured on camera at Disney Parks. We’ve covered plenty of unruly behavior here on Disney Tips, and more incidents continue to flood social media, causing alarm and unrest.

People are beginning to ask themselves what the state of Disney Parks will be if such behaviors continue. Guests seem to have no conception of what it means to be respectful, with the line between appropriate and distasteful becoming more and more blurry.

Small World Incidents

Credit: Disney

While many exhibitionist types think their actions are amusing, they fail to consider the cost to others. Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort are family-friendly Parks, and Guests would do well to keep this in mind before breaking into questionable behaviors in front of innocent onlookers.

A few days ago, a video surfaced on TikTok showcasing a Guest who decided to surprise Donald with her interesting “dance” moves. As she casually walked toward the adorable character dressed in his candy corn Halloween attire, she pretended to trip and suddenly hit the floor.


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As Donald reached out in concern, to see if she was okay, she decided to bust a move. Positioned on all fours, with her hands and knees on the ground, she began to twerk in front of the unknowing character.

Donald immediately covered his eyes and turned around as she pulled the plug on her distasteful display. After this, she touched Donald’s back, while he recovered from the uncomfortable incident. The TikTok creator @kaylakippnobles received some backlash for the video, with other Disney creators condemning the unclassy actions.

Knott's Berry Farm


In response, she posted another video saying, “it seems fine to me.”  While some people found the encounter amusing, others commented that this type of behavior is not up to Disney Park standards, comparing the display to something Guests might be exposed to at Universal Studios or Knott’s Berry Farm.

Do you think this Guest went too far, or did you find her dance routine amusing?

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