You Won’t Want to Pass up These Plant-Based Delights at Disney

Plant-based food items at Disneyland
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Did Disney just make vegetables fun? If there is one thing Disney does exquisitely, it’s being inclusive. Just another way of being inclusive to Disney Guests is dining options. When visiting the Parks, there is a plethora of cuisines to enjoy. From snacks to dine in fancy entrees, there are choices for all to indulge in.

In addition to the dining options, includes the options itself. To be inclusive of all dietary decisions, Disney has made efforts to include foods that various diners may need. Many menus reflect options that are free of ingredients like soy, dairy, shellfish, gluten, and nuts. Furthermore, vegan and vegetarian options have been introduced to various menus. Regardless of whether you follow a plant-based diet or are just excited to try some delicious new foods, these five options may be the best Disneyland offers.

Plant-Based Items at Disneyland

As Inside the Magic said, “Long gone are the days when “theme park food” meant “burgers, fries, and pretzels.” Sure, you’ll always find staples like popcorn and Mickey-shaped ice cream bars, but Disney now offers even more decadent snacks that are easily accessible. A perfect example is over at EPCOT  International Food & Wine Festival. Guests can enjoy small plates like paella, charcuterie boards, and even spanakopita.

Plant-based food items at Disneyland

Credit: Disney Park Blogs

Over at Disneyland, Guests can enjoy delicious meals that are fully plant-based this fall. Disney ranks their five top options, starting with the Soy Chorizo Country Breakfast Burrito. Moving on to Sesame-Ginger Vegetable Noodles, Curry Royale: Queen of Hearts Delight, and Sopes de Chorizo con Papas. Lastly, the Plant-based Chorizo Quesadilla to round off the top five.

What’s best about these options is their versatility in cuisine and availability through both Parks. Of course, these aren’t the only plant-based options, just some of the newest and what we think may be the tastiest. Starting a day at Disney with the Soy Chorizo Country Breakfast Burrito sounds like a day well spent if you ask me!

Plant-based food items at Disneyland

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Disney chefs are always cooking up something delicious for Guests to try. Even if you are a meat lover, jump out of your comfort zone with these delicious delights. Embrace the magic of trying something new when you are in “The Most Magical Place On Earth”. All of these items will become available starting on September 1 at either Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park.

Would you try any of these plant-based menu items?

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