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The influence of Disney food is constantly expanding. When creating something new, Disney does their research to get it right. Whether it’s a new attraction, film, food festival, or toy, Disney works to nail the presentation to Guests. Disney offers Adventures by Disney which allows vacationers to see the world. Adventures by Disney offers various locations with one-of-a-kind excursions and trips, all led by knowledgeable leaders in that culture.

Recently, a trip to Colombia with Adventures by Disney brought back inspiration from the culture and cuisine to the Disney family. Colombia was also studied in the production of the film ‘Encanto’ (2021) to pull from the country’s natural beauty. Now, you can make a Colombian dish that is a classic and a favorite from home!

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Arepas are a traditional Colombian dish featured in ‘Encanto’, which Maribel’s mom makes in the film. Disney asked Colombian-born chef Danny Contreras for his best arepa recipe to share with fans. It’s also “a favorite from the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival recipe vault.” reported Disney.

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The Recipe

According to Chef Danny’s father, “A meal without an arepa isn’t a complete meal.” So learning this recipe seems to be a must. With some options for making the dish, it typically includes meat like pork and cheese, and it can be either savory or sweet. This Disney recipe is topped with Hogao sauce, which is a Colombian tomato-based sauce with garlic and cumin. See the full recipe here and below for details.

Disney Eats

Credit: Disney Eats

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Guests can get a further look into the makings and talk of arepas and more with Chef Danny in the sitdown featured on YouTube.

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