10 Best Hidden Mickeys In Disney’s Animal Kingdom In Walt Disney World

By Caitlin Corsello

Disney’s Animal Kingdom brings guests directly into nature to celebrate the beauty and wonder of the planet. Guests who explore the park can experience traveling back in time, embarking on an African safari, conquering the Forbidden Mountain, and celebrating the story of The Lion King. With so many amazing experiences to be had in the park, guests love spending time exploring and also searching for Hidden Mickeys. Hidden Mickeys can be found virtually everywhere throughout Walt Disney World, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom is no exception. These hidden images can portray Mickey or other Disney characters and can be very easy to spot or extremely difficult. No matter what the Hidden Mickey, guests love finding it! Here are the ten best Hidden Mickeys in Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World.


10. Kilimanjaro Safaris –

The flagship attraction of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is located in the Africa section of the park and allows guests to embark on a two week safari in the Harambe Reserve. Kilimanjaro Safaris takes guests through lush forests and the African savannah for up close views of animals including lions, elephants, giraffes, and zebras. The attraction is also home to one of the biggest Hidden Mickeys in Walt Disney World. At one point on the safari, guests pass by a small island covered with beautiful flamingos. Those who look closely through the birds will notice that the island is actually shaped like a classic Hidden Mickey.

9. Conservation Station –

Guests who enjoy a ride on the Wildlife Express Train can travel to Rafiki’s Planet Watch and the Conservation Station. There guests can learn all about the various workings of the park and how the animals are cared for. When guests first enter into the Conservation Station, they are greeted by a massive mural depicting hundreds of animals. Guests who can spot an owl looking intensely out from the mural will notice that both of his yellow eyes feature classic Hidden Mickeys.

8. The Tree of Life –

The Tree of Life is the massive icon of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and is the beacon used to draw guests further into the park. The trunk and roots of the tree are covered in beautifully carved animals including insects and dinosaurs. ON the back of the Tree of Life facing the Africa and Asia sections of the park, guests can spot a hippo carved into the trunk. Just above the hippo’s eye is an upside down classic Hidden Mickey.

7. Tusker House Restaurant –

A great place to enjoy a full service meal in the park is Tusker House Restaurant in Africa. Serving up buffet style breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this location offers character dining combined with unique African delicacies. The restaurant is broken up into several rooms with seating and made to feel like the home base of an office. Guests who are dining in one of the smaller rooms can spot a chart monitoring whether the employees are currently in or out. Those who look closely can spot that one of the employees who is currently in signed with a classic Hidden Mickey.

6. Dinosaur –

One of the most thrilling attractions in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Dinosaur which brings guests into the Dino Institute where the technology to travel back in time has been discovered. After boarding their Time Rovers, guests enter into a futuristic tunnel where the actual magic happens sending them back in time. Just before entering into this tunnel, guests pass by a desk and dry erase board on the left hand side of their Time Rovers. Guests who look quickly enough can spot a classic Hidden Mickey drawn on the dry erase board.


5. Primeval Whirl –

This crazy mouse style attraction takes guests on a whirlwind tour counting down to the meteor impact which caused the dinosaur’s extinction. Guests who board the attraction suddenly find themselves spinning round and round and passing by lots of cartoon dinosaurs and meteors. Guests who can spot a meteor on the sign of the attraction will notice that it features a classic Hidden Mickey.

4. Maharajah Jungle Trek –

Guests who explore Asia love stopping at the Maharajah Jungle Trek where they can take a self-guided tour of temple ruins and lush jungles. Along the way guests are treated to up close encounters with Asian tigers who have taken up residents in beautifully detailed temple ruins. Along one of the arches that is left standing from the temple is a mural depicting mountains. Nestled amongst the ridges in the mountains is a class Hidden Mickey peeking out.

3. Expedition Everest –

While Kilimanjaro Safaris is home to a pretty large Hidden Mickey, the largest on Walt Disney World property can be found at Expedition Everest. Taking guests into the Forbidden Mountain, Expedition Everest takes guests into the lair of the fabled Yeti where they go on a daring adventure to escape. Guests who want to spot the largest Hidden Mickey on property can’t technically see it while visiting Expedition Everest or Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Guests from home can bring up the attraction on a map and spot how its tracks form a massive classic Hidden Mickey.

2. Maharajah Jungle Trek –

Also found on the Maharajah Jungle Trek are large panels carved with figures of men and animals which tell a story. One of the wall carvings features a man with a mustache who appears to be wearing earrings. Those who look closely will notice that one of his earrings forms a classic Hidden Mickey.

1. Expedition Everest –

Guests who work their way through the queue of Expedition Everest pass through many different rooms themed after the offices of a mountaineering company. When moving through the last hallway before the loading area, guests should look for a photo of a woman holding a radio and wearing blue. To the left of the woman in the grain of the wood behind her is a Hidden Sorcerer Mickey. This one can be tricky to spot, but once guests see it they love it!

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