4 Reasons We Absolutely Love Disney’s Epcot

Of the four theme parks in Walt Disney World, many guests love Epcot the most. The park features two unique halves which combine to form an interesting and dynamic whole. Future World focuses on the relationship between technology and nature and the importance of balancing them. World Showcase celebrates eleven different countries from around the world with distinct cultures, architectures, cuisines, and histories. Scattered throughout the two halves of the park are both classic and thrilling attractions, ensuring that there is something for every guest to enjoy. With so many amazing experiences to have in Epcot, it is no wonder why guests love spending so much time there. Here are four reasons why guests absolutely love Disney’s Epcot.


4. Spaceship Earth –

The most iconic attraction in Epcot can be found front and center in Future World. Spaceship Earth is housed in a massive geodesic dome covered in futuristic silver triangles. The attraction is narrated by Dame Judi Dench and focuses on the development of communication from the beginning of time to present day. While progressing through the attraction, guests can relive important moments in the history of communication including the Phoenicians inventing the alphabet, the burning of Rome, the Renaissance, man landing on the moon, and the development of the modern day personal computer. Guests can also use a touch screen on the attraction vehicle to answer a series of questions which will create a short cartoon vignette of their futures full of technology and new communication. Spaceship Earth is a classic attraction which guests absolutely love and must do while visiting Epcot.

3. World Showcase –

Occupying the rear half of Epcot, World Showcase is sprawled around World Showcase Lagoon and features eleven different pavilions each celebrating a different country. Guests can spend an entire day traveling the world and visiting countries like China, Mexico, France, and Morocco without ever leaving Central Florida. Each country is also home to amazing architecture, native Cast Members, traditional dining options, and unique shopping locations. Several pavilions also feature attractions which should not be missed. Guests visiting Mexico should be sure to enjoy The Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros. Norway now has the popular attraction, Frozen Ever After! Guests in China should stop and watch the film Reflections of China. Those in France should enjoy the film Impressions de France. Canada offers the O Canada! film. And let’s not forget about the America pavilion with the American Adventure showing. With so many amazing experiences waiting in World Showcase, guests love spending time there.

2. The Food –

Epcot is one of the most popular parks in Walt Disney World to dine in thanks to the massive volume of options! Each country in World Showcase is home to at least one full service dining location which serves up authentic cuisine. Some of the most popular restaurants are Le Cellier Steakhouse in Canada, Monsieur Paul in France, Rose & Crown Dining Room in the UK, and the San Angel Inn Restaurante in Mexico. In addition to the amazing options in World Showcase, guests can also enjoy full service meals in Future World by dining at the Garden Grill in The Land Pavilion or Coral Reef Restaurant in The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion.

1. Illuminations: Reflections of Earth –

Each night, World Showcase Lagoon comes to life with a beautiful story celebrating how all people are united as one. Guests gather around the fire to watch a symphony of laser lights, pyrotechnics, dancing water, beautiful music, fireworks, and a massive globe which plays videos and opens up for a grand finale. There are hundreds of amazing viewing spots around World Showcase Lagoon, and no day in Epcot is complete without a viewing of Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.



About Caitlin Kane

Caitlin Kane first started visiting Walt Disney World when she was two years old, and despite spending most of that trip quarantined with the chicken pox she managed to fall in love with the place. Visiting WDW every year since, she especially loves learning all about the history and small details of the parks and eating/drinking her way through the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival each fall. When she's not in Disney, Caitlin lives in New York and spends her time counting down the days to her next trip.