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10 Best Restaurants For Kids At Walt Disney World

For the most part, Disney World is all about kids. Favorite children’s characters roam the walkways, and kid-friendly rides are plentiful. Best of all, the parks and resorts on Disney property are chock-full of amazing restaurants for the youngest visitors. Whether your tiny diner is a picky eater or an adventurous one, there is something for them at Disney World. Not only that, but depending on where you eat, the little wiggle worms may even be entertained enough to sit for an entire meal. Wondering where you should go for a magical meal in which your kids actually eat and sit still in their seats? Try these top ten Disney World restaurants for kids.

10. Rainforest Cafe and/or T-Rex Cafe

Disney World is home to three Landry’s-owned immersive-experience restaurants, and all three are amazing options for anyone with kids. One Rainforest Cafe location is found hidden away in Animal Kingdom, just waiting to be discovered. A second Rainforest Cafe, along with an amazing dino-themed eatery called T-Rex Cafe, are both located in Disney Springs. For those who don’t know, Rainforest Cafe is unique in that it immerses diners in a mock rainforest filled with animatronic animals. Likewise, T-Rex Cafe immerses guests in a prehistoric land where dinosaur animatronics are everywhere you look. Both eateries feature regular “storms” in which lights flash and the animals make lots of noise. The food at both places is of average quality, but they have tons of kid-friendly options, and kids—as well as kids at heart—adore the incredible theming.

9. Coral Reef Restaurant

Who doesn’t love eating dinner while staring at a shark, or slurping up soup in the presence of fish? Ask any kid and they’re sure to tell you that this sounds like an awesome idea—and that, my friends, is why Coral Reef Restaurant in Epcot is a great choice for young diners. This super cool eatery has filled its dining room with enormous aquariums, giving the illusion that you are dining under the sea. This means you can watch some truly incredible sea creatures swim right by your table throughout your meal. Best of all, the food at this particular restaurant is delightful, meaning you get a really good meal to go with the cool view!

8. Cinderella’s Royal Table

Dining inside of Cinderella Castle is a dream come true. While it may be a difficult reservation to snag, and while it might cost a pretty penny, this is one dining experience that every Disney fan should have at least once. This is even more true for those who will be visiting with kids. The experience begins with a meet-and-greet with Cinderella herself. This is not a rushed affair, but rather a lengthy event involving plenty of one-on-one attention from the princess. After meeting Cinderella, guests are ushered to the royal dining room, where they are presented with wands and swords, fed incredible food, and addressed as lords and princesses. Of course, many of Cinderella’s princess friends are also available for meet-and-greets, and actually wander the dining room taking photos and signing autographs at each table. Clearly, this is an incredibly magical meal, and one that young boys and girls will most certainly enjoy.

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7. Be Our Guest

A second amazing opportunity to dine in a castle can also be found in Magic Kingdom. This one is the Be Our Guest restaurant in Belle’s castle. The great thing about this experience is that it can be had during breakfast or lunch as a quick-service meal or during dinner as a table-service affair. Quick-service is a lot cheaper of course, but the dinner includes a rare opportunity to meet the Beast himself. Either way, you’ll be dining in an incredibly ornate and well-detailed castle that couldn’t be more amazing. Kids love this place for the awesome theming and the feeling that they are actually dining in a castle. Adults love these things too, but also appreciate the delicious food served here.

6. Crystal Palace

Winnie the Pooh fans will adore Crystal Palace. This is yet another Magic Kingdom restaurant, but it definitely earns its place on this list. To begin with, the characters at this particular eatery are top-notch. In fact, we might even go so far as to say they’re some of the best masked characters around. Despite their inability to talk, each character conveys their personality quite well—especially Tigger, who is bouncy and fun beyond belief. The food at this restaurant is definitely solid. Those who visit for breakfast simply must try Pooh’s stuffed French toast. Lunch and dinner diners on the other hand are likely to enjoy the amazing dessert selection. Of course, the kids love the shorter kid-sized buffet that was obviously made just for them and is well stocked with their favorites.

5. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

Sitting in a car and watching a movie screen while you eat? Yes, please! Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater gives your family the chance to do just that, and the kids—especially the preteens—absolutely love it. When you walk into the dining room at this eatery, you immediately feel like you’ve been transported back in time to an old-fashioned drive-in theater. There are dozens of vintage model cars with handy tables inside for eating. Once seated in the car, you’re treated to a variety of cheesy sci-fi movie clips from the 60s that are just plain fun. The menu here is simple enough, featuring a variety of burgers, fries, shakes, and similar fare. This is great for those who are looking for something tasty to keep them full for a while, and kids definitely appreciate it. Be sure to try the Peanut Butter and Jelly Shake.

4. Garden Grill

From a revolving dining room and changing scenery to fun characters and delicious food, there is plenty to keep the kids happy at Garden Grill. This Epcot restaurant is often overlooked, rarely getting the credit it deserves, but trust us when we say that it’s well worth a visit, especially if you have little ones. The restaurant actually moves slowly throughout your meal, and everything is timed in just such a way that you are finished right as your table reaches the entrance again. As you rotate, you can look down on various scenes from the Living with the Land ride, making this meal a surprisingly immersive experience. On top of all that, you are also treated to visits from Mickey and a few other farmer friends. As far as food goes, you’ll find that the fare Mickey serves up is quite tasty. Breakfast is an assortment of waffles, potatoes, eggs, meats, and other traditional favorites. Meanwhile, lunch and dinner tend to stick to the traditional side of things as well. All food is served family-style and you can always ask for seconds of anything.

3. Ohana

Ohana means family, and that’s just what this restaurant in Disney’s Polynesian Resort is all about. During dinner at Ohana, you can expect silly games, hula dancing, and a wonderful, interactive dining experience the whole family will enjoy. Breakfast is a completely different kind of fun that features favorite characters Lilo and Stitch. Wondering what this fun-loving eatery serves? Well, breakfast is a traditional American-style meal with just a few Polynesian touches thrown in here and there. Meanwhile, dinner is a delicious affair that includes all-you-can-eat sweet and sour chicken, shrimp, steak, and a variety of sides. Most kids find the food at Ohana quite agreeable, and the atmosphere is definitely fun enough to keep even the most antsy guests happy.

2. Whispering Canyon Cafe

Another silly and interactive meal can be found at Whispering Canyon Cafe in Wilderness Lodge Resort. While the service is great at this location, the waitstaff is very silly at times and will often make ridiculous jokes, so be sure to bring your sense of humor. Other fun parts of mealtime at this cafe include doing the hokey pokey and taking stick horse rides around the dining room. Barbecue is what they serve at Whispering Canyon Cafe, which fits in just perfectly with the western theme of the place. You can choose to enjoy such delicious entrees as ribs, pulled pork, and roasted chicken. If you decide to dine at breakfast time, they offer traditional breakfast options such as omelettes, which are just as good as the amazing barbecue items. Kids will love this place because, well, who doesn’t love barbecue and a good trot on an old stick horse?

1. Biergarten

If your kids love delicious food, good music, and silly dancing, they’ll love Biergarten in Epcot’s Germany pavilion. This buffet-style eatery is themed to give the illusion of being out-of-doors in the middle of a small German village. Guests are seated at communal tables and encouraged to socialize with those around them. In the middle of the room is a dance floor, as well as a band playing traditional German music. The buffet includes such German delights as pork schnitzel, roasted potatoes, and of course, plenty of sausages. Kids adore the baked mac ‘n’ cheese found here, and the desserts are all delicious.

In our opinion, these are the very best Disney World restaurants for kids. That said, Disney is pretty kid-friendly all around, and there are but a select few eateries which won’t allow and accommodate children, so you should be good to go no matter where you decide to dine.

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