10 Best Tips, Tricks and Secrets for Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs

Disney Springs is an amazing entertainment district located within Walt Disney World.  You definitely want to make sure that you allot time during your vacation to visit. As you are planning your day, here are 10 of our best tips, tricks and secrets for Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs:


10. Visit Disney Springs at night.

All times of day are nice to visit Disney Springs, but we especially like going at night.  If you don’t have as much time to work multiple visits in your stay, then opt for a visit in the evening hours.  There is a lot more street entertainment out in the evening and the vibe is much more fun.  There will be a lot of music and happenings, plus you won’t have the sun beating down on you.  We just love how beautiful the area is!

9. Check out the Disney shops.

Some guests may think that they can pass over the Disney-themed shops in Disney Springs since they have already browsed gift shops that are located within the theme parks.  That would definitely be a mistake since the shops in Disney Springs frequently have a larger variety of items than what is found in the parks.  You will definitely see items that you haven’t seen before, so you will definitely want to take the time to check it out.

Photo Credit: Disney

8. Give your family a budget.

Before going into Disney Springs, it is usually wise to set a shopping budget.  There are many different stores and you are sure to see a ton of things that you are going to want.  If you give everyone a budget, it can help hold everyone accountable to be sure that they are making purchases for things that are their true must-haves versus impulse shopping all of the great stuff that they see along the way.


7. Check out the Welcome Center.

There are a couple great things to see inside the Welcome Center at Disney Springs.  You can pick up guides and everything else that you need for your visit, but you can also check out some of the history of the area.  There are paintings inside of the Welcome Center that depict how Disney Springs came to be and the storyline for the area.  The theme for the area is based on the story that there was a settlement that was created around natural Florida springs and then the area kept growing from there with the different neighborhoods, which are depicted in the paintings.

6. Plan for the weather.

Depending on the season, it is necessary to ensure that you plan for the weather.  If it will be cooler out, then guests will probably want to bring a light jacket or hoodie, especially at night.  During the hot months, it could be extremely sunny and hot or it could be rainy and muggy.  Guests can always duck into shops to get a break from the elements, but the walkways aren’t very covered.  So preparing with items like sunscreen or an umbrella will go a long way to make the day more enjoyable.

5. Make reservations for table service dining.

You are definitely able to walk up to the table service dining locations and get in, but we always recommend that you make dining reservations when you can.  This will help ensure that you get in and with a shorter wait than what the standby wait list may be.  Some of the restaurants in the area are extremely popular, so a reservation will help ensure that you get into your restaurant of choice.  If you don’t see any available on Disney’s site, you can also call some of the dining locations and frequently still get a reservation directly through them.

4. Allow time for kid activities.

Disney Springs isn’t just for adults, there are also a lot of great activities and fun for kids to enjoy.  There is a playground over at T-REX where kids can dig for fossils.  There is also a splash pad, a carousel and more. Many of the shops are also extremely engaging for kids with so many great things to see.  Work in some of these kid focused activities into your visit and they will have a great time and definitely won’t be bored with Disney Springs.

3. Plan your transportation and parking.

If you are planning to leverage Disney transportation then you will want to ensure that you plan enough travel time, especially if you have dining reservations.  If you will be driving your own vehicle, we recommend parking your car in the garage where you plan to end your time at Disney Springs.  After hours of walking around you can start to get tired, especially in the later hours and you will want to be closer to your vehicle.  You may do a little more walking at the beginning, but then you have less walking at the end of your visit.

2. Check for Lego store events.

There are certain days of the month that the Lego store offers special activities and even freebies for guests.  You can check their calendar online to stay in touch with what it going on and see if any of the events align with when you will be there.  On any day that you visit, you can typically play with legos and even build a car that you can test out on the race tracks just outside of the store. 

1. Take time for entertainment.

Many guests think of Disney Springs as mostly shopping and dining locations.  There are a lot of other great things to do in the area that are definitely worth visiting.  You can relax and watch and movie at the AMC theater.  You could also enjoy bowling over at Splitsville. Probably the most popular “attraction” at Disney Springs is Aerophile where you float high above in a massive balloon with stunning views of Walt Disney World.

Bonus:  Visit Goofy’s Candy Company

There are a ton of great candy and slushies to enjoy over at Goofy’s Candy Company. You can buy treats to enjoy there as well as treats that you can take home with you.  You can also sample the different slushy flavors to find the perfect one.   If you like multiple flavors, you can also mix and match your slushy, too.

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