10 Most Common Walt Disney World Debates

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There are so many strong-minded Disney fans out there who have very definitive opinions on several aspects of a Walt Disney World vacation.  None of the opinions are wrong, just different preferences and ways of seeing things. We have outlined some of the most common Walt Disney World debates for you to check out and see which side you fall on.


10. Is it better to stay on Walt Disney World property or off property?

Guests tend to feel very strongly about this.  Many guests are in favor of staying on property in order to remain immersed in the magic and have easy access to all of the parks.  Guests that stay on property also receive additional perks, plus they can leverage Disney transportation and not have to drive.  Guests who stay off property may be able to find cheaper nightly rates and may find themselves closer to other Orlando-area attractions.

9. Which of the four theme parks is the best?

This is an impossible question to answer for many of us, but there are many guests who have a clear favorite between Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  For some of you it seems that something within an individual park really resonates with you and creates strong feelings about that park.

8. Is the cost for staying in one of the Deluxe resorts worth it?

The Deluxe resorts at Walt Disney World are definitely on the pricey side.  They can see rates at the lowers in the $400+ per night and go up higher than $1,000+ per night depending on the resort, type of room accommodation, etc.  There are guests that feel that their resort is just a place to sleep and that the higher costs aren’t worth it, while there are other guests who feel that the amenities of the Deluxe resorts are worth the additional cost.


7. Walt Disney World vs. Disneyland?

This debate has been going on for years and years, and will likely continue forever.  There are guests that remain true to Disneyland as the original location and the one that Walt Disney, himself walked in.  There are other guests that appreciate that Walt Disney World is much larger and has more resorts and theme parks to offer for guests.  Both are amazing, so our recommendation is to visit both!

6. Head to the parks early in the morning or later in the evening?

There are the early bird guests and the night owl guests.  Neither way to visit the parks is bad, they just provide different experiences.  I always like to try to be an early bird, rest midday and then head back out at night.  You may have to decide if your crew is more active and ready to enjoy the parks in the earlier hours or later hours.

5. FastPass+ vs. ticked FastPass?

With the additional of FastPass+, guests are now able to make their selections in advance of their vacation.  The previous FastPass offering was the paper ticket FastPasses where guests would head to the attraction and receive a ticket for a time to return and skip the line.  There are guests who really don’t like the use of the new FastPass+ system, but there are also guests who really appreciate how digitally streamlined it has become.

4. Which time of year to visit?

There are so many different events that occur through the year at Walt Disney World.  There are the different RunDisney race weekends, Flower & Garden Festival, Food & Wine Festival, International Festival of the Arts, Halloween events, Christmas holiday events, spring break, summer fun and more.  There are guests who have favorites of these and a lot of opinions on which is best.  Many guests make this decision based on the cost or the expected crowds.

3. Should alcohol be allowed in the parks?

This has been a heated debate for many guests.  Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom have always offered alcohol throughout the parks.  Guests can carry their drinks with them around the parks and sip while they explore.  There are many guests who don’t like this and feel that some guests get out of hand.  Magic Kingdom Park used to have zero alcohol and in recent years has started allowing alcohol at table service dining experiences.  There were guests that were very upset when Disney started allowing any alcohol in the Magic Kingdom.

2. Which restaurants are the best or worst?

Dining at Walt Disney World is a major part of the vacation.  There are hundreds of different dining locations on property and guests definitely have their favorites.  It is a challenge to even experience all of the dining locations that Walt Disney World has to offer, but would be a fun challenge to complete.  Try to form your own opinions of dining locations since there are such differing opinions depending on who you ask.

1. Should old attractions be replaced or updated with newer attractions?

There are many guests that get upset every time there is an announcement that an old attraction will be updated or changed in order to pave the way for something new.  Some of the change is necessary in order for us to get new, improved experiences.  We build such strong feelings and opinions about favorite attractions that it can be hard to see one of them go away forever.  Some of the latest closures that hit pretty hard for guests were The Great Movie Ride to become Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway and Spaceship Earth to get a new story line and interior in re-imaging of EPCOT.

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