Is Post Disney Depression a Real Thing?

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Dare I say Disney and depression in the same sentence? Disney was created to bring joy and excitement into the lives of all Guests, so why do we feel so blue when all is said and done? As stated at Inside The Magic, “Walt Disney World is known for being the “most magical place on Earth,” it can also be one of the most exhausting places on Earth.” Any Disney experience, not just Disney World, but all of the Disney Parks around the world, and the Disney Cruise Line gives visitors something to miss when their trip is over.

Interactive experiences, exquisite foods, themed resorts, and Mickey-shaped everything, are only a few of the many things you endure when visiting a Disney Park. While you have likely had the time of your life, what happens when you have to return to reality?

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We know it is never goodbye, yet it feels like it’s the last time you’ll experience something so real. Post-Disney depression is somewhat of a true thing. The overwhelming amount of stimulation from the colors to the smells, to the rides to the detail, always gives Guests something to look at. Even if it isn’t your first time in Magic Kingdom, you’ll still find yourself gawking at Cinderalla’s Castle.

With all that said, the withdrawals of a fast-paced, high-energy vacation are very much real. So, how do you deal with those not-so-fun feelings after the most fun trip?

Plan Your Next Trip

This may be easier for some than others, but a great way to get over your sadness is by having something new to look forward to. While the ending of your trip is bleek, the beginning of a new one is exciting!

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Disney at Home

There are so many ways to have Disney at home. You may not be able to bring the Parks back with you, but you sure can bring parts into your home. The Disney Parks Blog suggests “Plastering my souvenirs and trip photos everywhere.” Another tip is making Disney food at home. Mickey Mouse waffle makers are available for purchase, bringing the classic breakfast to your home.

Another tip is to make your dinner time fun with Disney movie-themed menus, like Remy’s famous ratatouille. One of my favorite tips is listening to the Resort TV or Disney Parks podcast while I am cleaning or working, for some fun background noise.

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Finally, throwing on your favorite Disney movie with a blanket and snacks on the couch always hits the spot! Do one or try them all, to help with those Disney blues.


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