The Top 10 Ways To Keep The Disney Blues Under Control

We all know that the Disney blues are real. It’s hard enough having to say goodbye to the Disney Parks in the Walt Disney World Resort, but it’s made even harder knowing that the Post-Disney Depression will hit as soon as you are home.

So, here are our top tips on how to make the Disney blues a little easier to deal with.

Plan your next Disney vacation

Making the reservation for your next trip to Walt Disney World is always an exciting day. Resetting your countdown sure helps with the Disney blues too. You could say this is the number one way to keep the Post-Disney Depression away!


Credit: Disney

Disney Snacks

The Disney Dining Plan was a great way of stocking up on Disney snacks to enjoy back at home. We certainly found that we’d always have several Quick-Service meal credits left at the end of a Disney trip, but they did not go to waste. We’d always plan to visit Goofy’s Candy Co. in Disney Springs during the last couple of days on vacation to swap each Quick-Service credit for 3 Disney snacks. If we couldn’t get to Disney Springs, we’d stop by the Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom theme Park instead.

While the Disney Dining Plan is not currently available, we still plan this new tradition into our Disney vacation, but just limit the number of Disney snacks we buy, seeing as they’re no longer “free”! We love to tuck into our favorite snacks when we need a little Disney magic from Lake Buena Vista. It sure gives us a little taste of “home”!


Credit: Disney Tips

Make Disney Treats at Home

Following the Covid pandemic, Disney has released many recipes that will guide you in making your own Disney treats at home. Not only does it allow you to enjoy a Disney treat, but also to practice your baking skills. Beignets and Mickey waffles are always a win for us when baking at home!


Credit: V Mills

Disney Mugs

Whether you must have a coffee in the morning or tea is your choice of beverage, you aren’t a Disney fan if you don’t have a collection of Disney mugs. With so many mug choices available to buy in and around the Disney Parks, we are certainly not judging if you add a new mug to your collection every vacation. 

Mugs can take up a lot of room, though. And not forgetting that you probably already have your favorite mugs that always make that perfect brew. So why not have a mug display in a glass cabinet for those mugs that rarely get used? Or you could hang them on a rack; the Disney Resort mugs would make a cool display to remind you of the Disney Resorts you called ‘home’ during each Walt Disney World vacation.

Another great way to use Disney mugs is as a plant pot. Why not invest in a collection of succulents? They’re easy to look after and are small enough to fit into those Disney mugs that you’d rather have on display than use. 


Credit: V Mills

Disney Playlists

Sometimes, we’re all in need of hearing the music we’re surrounded by in the Disney Parks. Why not create a playlist with your favorite EPCOT or Disney’s Animal Kingdom tracks that you can listen to while at work?

If you’d prefer to listen to a mix of Disney music, then we love to tune into Sorcerer Radio. As they say, it’s your chance to listen to ‘all Disney music, all day long! They even have themed hours that will take you back to Magic Kingdom or Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Disney Christmas Ornaments

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have a Christmas tree that is solely dedicated to Disney ornaments. However, we can appreciate that Christmas ornaments only really come out for about a month every year. 

With ornament hangers now becoming a thing, why not purchase a Christmas ornament that can be displayed all year long. Next time you’re visiting Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Magic Kingdom or Mickey’s Days of Christmas in Disney Springs, have your ornament personalized without being too Christmas-sy. Then, find the perfect spot to display it at home, so you’ll be reminded of the magic of Walt Disney World Resort every day.


Credit: V Mills

Disney Books to Read

We spend so much time surrounded by technology nowadays that we often forget to read. Yet the experience of getting lost in a book is an experience that you soon realize you’ve missed. When waiting for the next Disney vacation to arrive, invest in some books that will let you into secrets and facts about the Disney Parks, Disney Imagineers, and even Walt Disney himself. Treat yourself to a book order today!

Displaying Disney Pin Collections

Disney pins are a long-standing collector’s item that Guests can purchase. Whether you are an avid pin trader or prefer to collect pins that commemorate your visit to the Walt Disney World Resort, displaying your pins around your home can be an awesome way to remember your Disney vacations. 

Displaying your Disney Pin collection on a hanging banner adds a little boho decoration to your home. Alternatively, you could display them on material in an ornate frame. We especially like to do this when we’ve invested in an entire collection of ‘Disney Pin Trading’ pins.


Credit: Pinterest

Create Photo Books

Gone are the days when it was common to print all of your vacation photos to show friends and family, now that photos are taken and shared digitally. It has become a little tradition now to have our photos printed in a photo book when we return from a Disney trip (and other awesome vacations too).

If you have a coffee table, photo books could make a perfect display for Guests to browse through when they visit you. Photo books also look great being displayed on a bookcase or shelf. It’s a way to remind you to look back through the wonderful photos that you took with your favorite people in your favorite place.

If you are yet to begin this tradition, why not make a photo book with photos from each Disney Park until now? It’s a great way to collate your photos by Disney theme park.


Credit: V Mills

The Scents of Disney

Before you leave Walt Disney World, make sure to have stopped by Bowes Signature Candles and Scents in Disney Springs  They stock a whole host of candles, room sprays, wax melts, and reed diffusers, scented just like those famous Disney smells  Bowes can be found at the back of Mickey’s Days of Christmas and in the Marketplace Co-op.

If you enjoy taking a bath, stock up on Disney bath bombs from Basin too  Stop by their stores in Disney Springs and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa to pick up all of your skincare products  We also recommend their salt scrub, as well as their shampoo and conditioner bars.


Credit: V Mills

Speaking of haircare, how could we forget the Disney H2O range  You don’t just have to be a Disney Resort Guest to use these incredible products; most of the larger Disney stores stock the full H2O range  There’s nothing better than smelling of that iconic moisturizer after a hot soak with a Basin bath bomb when the Disney blues have hit.


Credit: Disney Tips

And there you have it – our top 10 ways to beat the Disney blues  We’re sure that they’ll also help your countdown pass a little quicker!

About Victoria Mills

Victoria is a Disney-loving, tea-drinking, Math teacher from Liverpool, England. Her motto is 'work hard, Disney harder'! Having taken part in the Disney College Program back in 2010, Victoria's love and appreciation for Walt Disney World only grew, and it's the place where she feels most herself - it's home!