11 Things You Should Know About Club Level At Walt Disney World Resorts

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We all love a little luxury and pampering sometimes, right?  Especially on a Disney vacation where you are doing so much walking and have so much going on.  Disney resorts are an amazing part of the Walt Disney World experience and club level is a way to kick it up to the highest notch.  If you are considering a club level stay, here are 11 things you should know about Club Level at Walt Disney World resorts:


11. What is Club Level?

Club Level is Disney’s name for their concierge service that they provide to guests who pay for this level of service.  These rooms are in a specific location in the resort, which is usually toward to top floors of the resort, to centralize club level guests around many of the club level amenities.

10. Where Club Level Is Offered

Club level isn’t available at all Disney World resorts.  This service is only available at the deluxe category resorts.  Some of these resorts also have two different club levels in different areas of the resort, and having access to one, doesn’t mean that you get automatic access of the other.  Here is the list of resorts and the name of the actual club:
Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kilimanjaro Club
Beach Club Resort – Stone Harbor Club
BoardWalk Resort – The Innkeeper’s Club
Contemporary Resort – Atrium Club
Contemporary Resort – Tower Club
Grand Floridian Resort – Royal Palm Club
Grand Floridian Resort – Sugar Loaf Club
Polynesian Village Resort – King Kamehameha Club
Wilderness Lodge – Old Faithful Club

9. Club Level Check-In / Check-Out

When you stay club level, you are actually checked in separately from other guests.  When you arrive and you give the attendant your name to look up your information they will escort you to the club level check-in desk where you will be checked in there in a very comfortable environment.  If your room isn’t quite ready, you will be able to check your bags and enjoy the parks, or hang out in the lounge to enjoy the offerings there.  When it is time to check out, you can request a late checkout and may be able to get that added to your stay (not always possible).  The checkout is also handled by the club level desk.

8. Secured Access

The lounge and in most cases the floor your room is on is limited to club level guests and applicable cast members.  Non-club guests won’t be able to come up and check out the lounge or walk the floor since the access is restricted based on your Magic Band to denote that you should be able to access the area.  It gives you an even more secure feeling knowing the access to the area is restricted.


7. Itinerary Planning Office

If you don’t like getting caught up in the work and details of actually planning your vacation, this will probably be your favorite perk of being club level.  The Itinerary Planning Office (IPO) will handle all of your reservations and plans for you.  You will fill out a form for them letting them know what you want and what you would like to experience and when your booking window opens, they will take care of it.  It is really helpful and definitely takes a lot of work out of the planning process.  There are also cast members available once you check in that will handle making any last minute plans that you are looking for.  Sometimes they are even able to pull a couple strings to help get you in to that desired dining location.

6. Extra Services and Amenities

With club level there are several little touches that you get as extras in your room.  You would receive comfy robes, spa-quality toiletries, daily newspaper, etc.  There is also a nightly turndown service where they will turn down the sheet and usually leave special surprises for you when you return.  These little extras make you feel even more luxurious and are that little cherry on top of the experience.

5. Club Level Lounge

Each lounge is themed to the match the overall feel and theming for the resort.  They are beautiful and usually have amazing views of the grounds, amenities and even the theme parks in some cases.  The lounge is where you would find the food offerings that are out.  You will also find many tables, chairs and couches so that you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere.  There are also games and TVs playing Disney movies for the kids to enjoy while you are in the lounge.

4. Food and Drinks Included

As a club level guest, you also get the food and drink offerings that are provided in the lounge.  If they run out of something, definitely ask the cast members as they may be able to refill or get you something that you don’t see out.  They are usually pretty helpful.  There will be various drinks, including alcoholic beverages on hand for you to enjoy, so make sure you check out the area.  Here are the times that different offerings are typically placed in the lounge:
6:30-7:00AM:  Early morning beverages
7:00-10:30AM:  Continental breakfast offerings
11:00AM-4:00PM:  Snacks and beverages
5:00-7:00PM: Appetizers and beverages
8:00-10:00PM: Desserts and cordials

3. Room views and locations.

It is important to know that just because you are staying club level doesn’t mean that you will get the most desired view or have the perfect view of the castle.  The room views are still dependent on the room view that you selected for the club level rooms.  If the view matters the most to you, then you will want to consider that when you make your room selection.  The views are all likely going to be very nice, but you have a certain view in mind, you will want to make sure you select that room.  You can request certain room locations within your room category, though.  You can request to be close to the elevator, close to the lounge, etc. and they will do their best to accommodate your request so that you get the room placement that you want.

2. Additional FastPass+ Available

Club Level guests staying in eligible Disney Resort rooms, are able to purchase an additional 3 FastPass+ per day, per person. The cost is $50 plus tax per person. These FastPass+ selections can be used in more than one theme park so you can spread out your selected three FastPass+ among three different parks if you’d like! Guests can’t however repeat the same FastPass+ for one attraction on the same day. So, don’t expect to ride Avatar Flight of Passage three times in a row!

1. The Cost

Club level stays are among the most expensive stays at each resort.  Sometimes the additional cost over a room in the same view category can be $150+ per night depending on the resort and the type of room that you want.  If you want a luxurious experience and plan to make good use of the food in the lounge, then it still may end up not being as much of an additional cost.  If you have the extra room in your budget, it is an amazing experience and one that I definitely recommend considering.

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