9 Tips & Secrets For Walt Disney World’s Deluxe Resorts

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Disney World’s deluxe resorts are amazing. They are my family’s favorite places to stay when we are enjoying our Disney vacations and there are many reasons why. If you can swing a deluxe resort stay with your budget, I highly recommend that you give it a try. These resorts are so much more than just merely a place to sleep each night. Here are 9 tips and secrets for staying at a Walt Disney World deluxe resort:


9. Check out the trails.

There are many runners and exercise activist who also love Disney. I know that you get tons of walking in when you are visiting the parks, but you can’t discount the amazing views and peaceful surroundings of the trails at many of the deluxe resorts. These trails give you a break from the rush of the parks and let you take in the views and beautiful backdrop of the Disney World Resort at your own pace. You can go solo or make it a family affair, but it’s definitely an amazing part of the resort experience.

8. Book a spa appointment.

Many of the deluxe resorts have spa services, whether they have a full spa or one that does massages and limited services. Disney spas are some of the nicest that you will ever encounter with amazing cast members who want you to feel pampered and relaxed from beginning to end. Check out what services are offered at your resort (or a neighboring resort) and make your appointment. You can begin making your appointments 180 days in advance, too!

7. Learn about the regular entertainment.

There are many long-time cast members that meet and greet with guests at the resorts, particularly the Grand Floridian. You will also likely get to experience musical performances, character appearances, storytellers and many other amazing encounters that you can only experience at your resort. Be sure to check your resort’s event calendar for times so that you don’t miss any of these amazing opportunities.

6. Skip the buses.

Most of the deluxe resorts offer different transportation besides the usual buses that are available. You may have the monorail, Skyliner, or boat launches that will take you to the parks, Disney Springs or even other resorts. These can be a very relaxing way to travel and more fun than the bus routes. You get to experience new sights and views on the way to your destination, too. Anytime I am at the resorts I prefer to use the other transportation since that is a real treat.


5. Dine at your resort.

Having multiple dining options right in your resort is a huge perk. You can enjoy an amazing meal and know that you can walk right upstairs afterward, or head right to the parks without the travel in between. Each of the deluxe resorts all have notorious Disney restaurants that are extremely popular amongst all guests, so you are sure to find a selection that meets your needs and keeps the whole family happy. Make your reservations in advance since these restaurants are extremely popular, and then know that you don’t have to travel far to get to your meal. I highly recommend dining at your resort and trying the different options, since they are definitely delicious, and you save a ton of time you would have otherwise spent traveling to another location.

4. Plan a pool day.

Hands down the deluxe resorts have the best pools. The pool at the Yacht and Beach Resort really is like a waterpark and the zero-entry pool at the Polynesian is breathtaking with the view of Cinderella Castle in the background. These pools are gated and restricted to that resort’s guests only because of how popular and desired the pools are. Make sure you take time in your vacation to plan a pool day to enjoy the views, slides and water playgrounds around the pools that are perfectly themed for each resort. Some resorts offer cabana rentals so that you have a private place to relax, snack and even watch TV while enjoying the surroundings of the pool. It really gives something for the whole family.

3. Take a tour or learn something new.

Many find the construction and history behind the resorts fascinating, so there are a few resorts that offer a free tour and a little behind the scenes look at the resort. There are also other events like hula dancing lessons at the Polynesian or flamingo feeding at Animal Kingdom Lodge. These are very unique experiences that are exclusive the particular resort in which you are staying. Be sure to check your resort events calendar so that you don’t miss any of the tours or additional experiences that you are interested in.

2. Try the different rental amenities.

These resorts also offer some pretty unique recreation rental opportunities. Depending on the resort you are staying in, you may be able to rent boats, jet skis or other watercraft to enjoy right from your resort. You could also rent a surrey bikes and other bike transportation to ride around with the family for a relaxing tour of the resort and trails. All of the experiences are truly unique in that they have the Walt Disney World resort as the backdrop for the fun. Be sure to check out what all is offered at your resort so that you can plan recreation activities for your family.

1. Try a club level stay.

The deluxe resorts are the only Disney resort class to over rooms that are on their club level. Club level guests typically stay on a certain floor (usually the highest floor) in the resort and have exclusive access to the club level lounge and lobby. The club level lounge is stocked throughout the day with food and beverages (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) to enjoy for club level guests. There is also a nightly turndown service, robes and other little touches that are given to club level guests. One of the biggest perks is the access to the Itinerary Planning Office. Club level guests receive access to a vacation planner who will make all of their reservations for them and help them plan their stay so that they don’t have to do the legwork themselves. It can be a great perk, especially for those who don’t like getting mixed up in the details or aren’t sure where to start. This takes the stay to another level of true luxury and relaxation. If you have the room in your budget, consider giving it a try!

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