10 Ways To Survive A Crowded Day At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios is actually a great park to enjoy on a really busy day.  There are a lot of sit-down shows, so that helps to spread the guests out around the parks and prevent as many long waits in lines for rides.  If you will be traveling during one of the busier times of the year, then these tips are definitely for you.  Check out these top 10 ways to survive a crowded day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios:


10. Arrive as early as possible.

We always recommend during the busy seasons (and even slower ones, too) that guests should try to get to the parks as early as possible.  The first hour or so after opening isn’t a very busy time in the parks.  Plus, if you arrive early you will also have less time waiting to get through security and actually get inside the park.  You could knock out a couple of the more popular attractions without near the wait.

9. Spend time souvenir shopping.

Sometimes when the parks are really crowded and the wait times feel extremely long, it is a great time to cool off in the gift shops and look around.  You can spend some time browsing and knocking out some of your souvenir shopping.  There are hidden Mickey’s, entertaining cast members, impressive displays and more, so you definitely won’t be bored.

8. Be on the lookout for Citizens of Hollywood.

The Citizens of Hollywood are various streetmosphere acts that walk around entertaining guests.  You never know who you might see, but they have various acts that involve audience participation.  They are a lot of fun and offer you extra entertainment that you don’t have to wait in line for.


7. Enjoy the many shows at the park.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is home to several different shows.  The shows are great since many of them are protected from the elements or even in air conditioning.  This makes them a great option to get a break from the crowds and since the theaters can hold a large number of guests, there still isn’t usually a long wait to get into the show, especially if you check the Times Guide and plan the show times accordingly.

6. Take a break during the busiest and hottest part of the day.

The middle part of the day is when the park will be at its busiest and when it is also the hottest part of the day.  If you feel like you need a break, then go and take one.  Many guests will go back and take a nap or a dip in the pool to relax for a little bit and get a break from the crowds, then head back to the park for all of the evening entertainment and events.

5. Make good use of FastPass+

FastPass+ can save you a ton of time.  You can make your selections for popular attractions, particularly ones that are MUST DO’s for you and your family.  Then you won’t have to wait in the standby line to enjoy those attractions.  We typically recommend to use them on the rides if those options are available since you can get into the shows without them if you watch the times and plan ahead.

4. Check out less popular attractions.

Be on the lookout for attractions that typically don’t have as long of wait like MuppetVision 3D, Walt Disney Presents, etc.  You can check the wait times or check out walk through attractions like Star Wars: Launch Bay that won’t require you to wait in long lines in order to get in.  This is a great way to use time while you wait for some of the lines to die down.

3. Take it slower!

When it is crowded, you will frustrate yourself more if you try to rush, rush, rush the entire time.  Just take a deep breath and take it a little slower.  Be patient with all of the other guests around you and take in all of your surroundings.  You will enjoy the experience more if you don’t let it get you down or feel like you are constantly rushing and fighting the crowds.

2. Enjoy a table service meal.

When the parks are really crowded, we often like to use that time to enjoy a table service meal so that we can sit down and get a break for a little bit.  You can try to get into one of the restaurants at the park, but that may be impossible due to the amount of guests.  Try to book reservations well in advance during the typical meal times and you can get a break from the park.  The restaurants will be busy, but you can still take a load off and enjoy a nice meal.  Another option is to enjoy a meal at one of the neighboring resorts, especially the ones that are only a boat ride away from the park.  They are more likely to have availability and you can get an even more relaxing break.

1. Stay until the park closes.

You will definitely get the most out of your day if you stay until closing.  You will also enjoy shorter lines and the opportunity to enjoy the park more if you wait.  The park starts to thin out after the evening entertainment is over, so it is great time to get in a few last minute things.  You can also do a little bit of shopping at the front of the park after closing, which is helpful if you have spent the day getting the attractions in.

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