11 Awesome Things About Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney

Everyone is raving about Walt Disney World’s Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios.  If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to shrink to the size of a toy and experience Andy’s backyard as one of the characters in Toy Story, then you’re bound to love it, too!  This fully immersive land has to be experienced to be believed – but trust us, Toy Story Land represents Disney Imagineering at its finest.  And here are just a few reasons why!


1. The Life of a Toy

You probably know that there are two new rides at Walt Disney World’s Toy Story Land: Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers.  But while you’re making a beeline for these new attractions, don’t forget to look around!  Everything in Andy’s backyard is larger than life, to support the illusion that you’re a toy.  So keep your eyes peeled for gigantic jacks strewn on the lawn, creative Tinker Toy lampposts, and Scrabble tile signs – there is even shrubbery designed to look like huge weeds to make you feel as small as a toy!

Photo Credit: Disney

2. Bursting with Blocks

Andy sure does love his toy blocks!  They’re everywhere in Toy Story Land, and we’re not quite sure when Andy finds time to play with all of them – impressively, there are more than 400 of these toy blocks throughout Andy’s backyard.

3. Towering Toys

You can’t miss the enormous Buzz Lightyear and Woody figures that loom over Toy Story Land.  If his toys are this big, imagine what size Andy must be!  If you wanted to take these larger-than-life toys to school, you’d need a backpack the size of a school bus.

Photo Credit: Disney


4. Fantastic Footprint

One of our favorite details in Toy Story Land is Andy’s gigantic footprint, which can be seen on the ground (though the land is so popular, it might be hard to see all of it through the crowds!), as if Andy just walked by.  It’s a whopping 25 feet long!  If the enormous print belonged to an actual shoe, it would be size 240, just in case you’re wondering.

5. Meet and Greets

Toy Story fans, rejoice!!  You can now meet and get a photograph with a variety of Toy Story characters, some of whom have never before appeared on property.  Characters include Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Jessie, who will appear daily throughout Toy Story Land.

6. Tantalizing Tochos

You may be asking, “What are Tochos?” right about now.  Well, they’re the latest Walt Disney World food mash-up, and they’re fantastic!  Tochos are a combination of tater tots and nachos, and we think the duo is magical!  But don’t take our word for it.  Stop by Woody’s Lunch Box to try some for yourself.

7. Best Benches

The attention to detail in Walt Disney World’s Toy Story Land is, predictably, top-notch.  The theming extends even to the most mundane items; for example, you won’t find any run-of-the-mill seating here!  Instead, look for benches made to look like popsicle sticks, dominoes, and curved wooden train tracks.  There are even seats made to look like giant pieces of Babybel cheese.  Leave it to Disney to make sitting down an adventure!

8. A Different Park at Night

You might think you know Toy Story Land after visiting it during the day, but if your schedule allows, try to come back at night.  It’s a completely different experience in the dark, and worth the return visit!  There are flashing lights on Slinky Dog Dash at night, which makes this coaster even more thrilling.  Plus, the cheerful Christmas lights strung up beautifully illuminate Andy’s backyard.

Photo Credit: Disney

9. This Bathroom has Cooties!

We’d expect nothing less that fantastic theming in Toy Story Land’s bathrooms, and they do not disappoint!  Remember the classic game, “Cootie”, where the goal is to assemble a big plastic bug? Disney humorously decided to theme the bathrooms on these Cootie bugs – but, despite the adorable Cootie bugs hanging out at the entrance, we assure you, the bathrooms are very clean!

10. Toy Story Merchandise

Yes, we’ve seen Toy Story merchandise before in Hollywood Studios, but trust us, they’re nothing compared to the amazing new souvenirs in Toy Story Land!  We love the light-up alien headbands and necklaces, and the Buzz Lightyear bubble machine is just plain fun!  But our favorite has to be the Slinky Dog headband, which is proving to be a hit all over the park!

11. Photo Opps

There is no shortage of whimsical photo opportunities scattered throughout Walt Disney World’s Toy Story Land!  In fact, part of the fun is exploring the larger-than-life surprises Imagineers have left just for you.  There’s a fun Popsicle Wall that’s just screaming out for selfies, or take a turn with Andy’s Wall itself.  You can strike a pose in front of the always-colorful Block Wall for the ultimate selfie, or check out photo opps near the massive Pixar Ball for a truly iconic shot.

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