15 Incredible Disney Desserts/Snacks You Won't Be Able to Resist

  1. Popcorn -- One of the most iconic snacks that guests can enjoy in the Walt Disney World theme parks is popcorn. It’s definitely a decadent and delicious snack combining just the right amount of crunchy and salty that is sure to satisfy every craving. Guests who would like to indulge in popcorn while on a Walt Disney World vacation can do so in many different locations as there are plenty of popcorn carts scattered about. In fact, guests will most likely smell the delicious treat before finding the cart! While popcorn is delicious everywhere, there are two spots in the Magic Kingdom where it seems to be even more amazing. As guests enter through the main gate onto Main Street, one of the first things to hit their senses is the wonderful scent of popcorn triggering a great feeling for the adventures that are to come. The other location where popcorn just seems to be more delicious and totally fit in is Storybook Circus. There, the big top seems to come to life even more with the wonderful and salty snack! (Photo Credit Disney)

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