15 Things We Would Do With Unlimited Access to Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney

No matter who you are, or how much money you have, there are still rules you have to follow when visiting Walt Disney World.  But, just for fun, let’s imagine those rules don’t exist, and that you can go anywhere on property, and do anything your heart desires.  What would it be?  Here are a few things we would do with unlimited access to WDW.  Get ready to wish upon a star…


1. Go Behind the Scenes

Of course, checking out all of Walt Disney World’s backstage areas would be top of the list.  We’d go behind the scenes in every park, and explore areas usually reserved for cast members only.  Who knows what secrets we’d learn?

2. Private Dinner at California Grill (with Fireworks)

Nothing like dinner with a view (of fireworks!).  We’d enjoy a private meal at California Grill, making sure the chef didn’t have anyone but us to cater to.  We’d obviously sit at the best table in the restaurant, right at the window, with a stellar view of the nighttime spectacular over Magic Kingdom.

3. Explore Discovery Island

Even if you could manage to get there, checking out abandoned Discovery Island in Bay Lake will get you banned from Walt Disney World for life.  But, if rules were suspended, we’d love to visit this former theme park, and see for ourselves how nature has reclaimed what was once a thriving WDW theme park.


4. Waltz with the Ballroom Ghosts

We’ve always wanted to witness the Pepper’s Ghost effect used in Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction.  But why stop there?  Why not take a whirl around the ballroom with the animatronic dancers, and then have our ghostly image projected into show area with them?  Nothing like becoming part of your favorite ride.

Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog

5. Hide-and-Seek, Utilidor Style

This one’s a no-brainer.  With guest access to the magical tunnels underneath Magic Kingdom limited to VIP backstage tours, it would be amazing to have free reign in the Utilidors.  And let’s face it – it would be a pretty stellar game of hide-and-seek.

6. Take Flight as Tinkerbell

Have you ever wondered what Tinkerbell’s view is like as she flies over Magic Kingdom from Cinderella Castle?  We’d like to find out.  After all, we can’t think of a more fantastic zip line.  We’d try this during the day and at night, for the full experience.

7. Join the Cast of Finding Nemo – The Musical

What could be better than watching Finding Nemo – the Musical?  How about – being in it?  We’d meet the cast of this fabulous show, and learn how to do the incredible acrobatics they do high above the stage.  We’d also learn some puppeteering skills, so we could work those massive (and always impressive) puppets.

8. Lightsaber Duel – In Costume

We know costumes aren’t allowed in Walt Disney World for anyone over 14.  But with no limits, we’d make our own lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop, and then go to Black Spire Outfitters to find some Jedi robes (and maybe a Darth Vader helmet).  We’d dress up as our favorite Star Wars characters, and then have an epic lightsaber battle ranging all over Galaxy’s Edge.

9. Stay in Cinderella Suite

Literally priceless, there’s no amount of money that will secure you a stay in the legendary Cinderella Castle Suite.  So of course, this would be choice number one for accommodations during our unlimited access stay in Walt Disney World!

Credit: Disney

10. Ride on a Parade Float

With no rules, we’d definitely not be content with just watching the parades down Main Street USA.  We’d get in costume and ride on a float ourselves, and see what it’s like to make a Disney character come to life!  Now the only question is which character and float to choose…


11. Best Halloween Ever

Anyone else absolutely adore Halloween at Walt Disney World?  We’d expand Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party, and enjoy our own private Halloween celebration throughout WDW.  We’d trick-or-treat around the worlds in Epcot, learn that amazing grave digger shovel choreography in Magic Kingdom, and have a pumpkin carving contest in bioluminescent Pandora – World of Avatar.  Finally, we’d join the Headless Horseman on his spooky ride down Main Street USA.

12. Kilimanjaro Safaris Camp-Out

We never want our safari in Harambe Wildlife Reserve to end at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  And why should it?  Let’s take Kilimanjaro Safaris a step further, and camp out on the savannah!  After all, some of the best animals are most active at night!

13. Make (and Eat) All the Artisanal Ice Cream

The artisanal ice cream at L’Artisan des Glaces in Epcot’s France pavilion is simply divine.  So we’d love to spend a day here, learning the secrets of making this delectable treat (and maybe making macarons, while we’re at it), and of course, eating as much as we wanted!  Imagine being able to recreate these treats at home…

14. Visit a Secret VIP Lounge

There are lots of secret VIP lounges in Walt Disney World, often originally designed for attraction sponsors, and never open to the general public.  We’d visit some of these hidden lounges (such as Base 21 in Spaceship Earth, the GM Lounge at Test Track, and the Living Seas Salon at The Seas with Nemo and Friends) to see what all the fuss is about.

15. Job Shadow an Imagineer

Why just dine with an Imagineer if you can shadow one for a day?  With unlimited access to WDW, we’d take the opportunity to follow around an Imagineer for the day.  We’d pick their brain, watch them work that Disney magic, and find out exactly what an Imagineer does on a typical day.

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