How to Do Disney With a Non Disney Fan

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There are two types of people, Disney fans and Disney skeptics. But what if you combine the two and put them on a vacation together? Those who have not yet experienced a Disney Park will have a hard time understanding the magic you feel walking into one of the theme Parks. As a Disney fan, you get it. You know that once you scan your MagicBand, the fun is about to begin. Disney fans know that even if they have gone to the same Park, and rode the same ride, countless times, they will still have a brand new, exhilarating experience.

“Disney means something different to everyone.” As a Disney skeptic, that can mean just some animated films and a lot of crazed, die-hard Mickey Mouse lovers. But I find certain rides, restaurants, foods, and overall experiences can turn any skeptic into a lover. But it’s important to ease them into the World of Disney, and not dive in head first.


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Some skeptics find it odd that Disney adults are a “thing.” But let’s be real, whatever makes you happy, is what you should follow. And for us Disney fans, Disney makes us happy!

When someone who’s not a fan of visiting Walt Disney World makes fun of Disney Adults, it makes sense. It’s not nice or kind by any means, but we can see a correlation between a non-Disney fan and the urge to poke fun at an adult Disney fan.

With that said, poke all you want! Non-believers can be turned with a little convincing to take a trip to the most magical place on earth. Here are some tips on how to introduce Disney to a non-Disney fan.

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Theme Parks: Don’t Do Them All

We want to introduce them to Disney, not throw them into the ocean with Ursula! All four parks in one trip may be intimidating, not to mention a lot of walking. For your non-Disney fan, start out with a couple of days, to just get their feet wet. Additionally, booking your trip during a lower season or even a weekday, when the crowds are smaller is a great tip to not overwhelm them with both crowds and new experiences.

Tower of Terror

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What Are Their Interests?

What are some things that they enjoy? Are they into Star Wars or Avatar? Do they seek thrill rides? Do they enjoy history? Are they a foodie? Knowing your non-Disney fan will help you get ahead in your planning, by taking them to the spots you know they’ll fall in love with. It’s hard to believe someone who loves rollercoasters won’t enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

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Genie+ and Lightening Lane the Best Rides

This might be the easiest way to enjoy your trip regardless if you are a Disney fan or not (yet). Disney World makes it even easier to avoid lines and skip the wait with Genie+ and the Lightening Lane option. For someone’s first experience, it’s worth the extra money to make the day go by without waiting around for the next adventure. For the more popular rides like Tron Lightcycle Run, Avatar Flight of Passage, and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, it’s highly recommended.

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Eat Your Way Through Disney

Foodie or not, everyone can appreciate good food. After a long day walking around the Parks, or even the beginning of your day before you get started, food is at the core of your Disney experience. Don’t settle for a breakfast sandwich at Starbucks, or something you can order at home for dinner. Know your non-Disney fan’s likes and dislikes and take them to the best spots Disney has to offer! Pro tip: For their sweet tooth, a cinnamon roll or Dole whip is a game changer. For their savory side, a Mickey pretzel or popcorn is a fan favorite!

Mickey Mouse Pretzels

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Enjoying the wonderful World of Disney is for everyone to try. What are your suggestions for non-Disney lovers?

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