How to Dress for Disney in the Summer

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You are planning a Disney vacation this summer, but want to ensure it is your best trip yet. Disney World in the summer months can be hotter than other times of the year, changing some tips for your next visit. Whether you are traveling with adults only or with your little ones, these tips can apply to all.

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Your footwear is probably the most important part of your trip to Disney World. Next to your theme Park tickets and reservations, that is. Without proper shoes, your day can be made or ruined. This is definitely not the time to try out new shoes, even if they are sneakers. Sneakers or something closed-toe, that has good support is the way to go. I mention closed toe because, during crowded hours, you don’t want to stub a toe or get rolled over by a stroller. As politely stated in Inside the Magic, “Flip flops are most likely not going to get the job done.” The sweet spot is a sneaker that you’ve worn a few times, that you know can last you the full day without any aches or pains.

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Disney World is filled with photo ops, so getting your outfit right can be important to many. But there is a way to be fashionable and comfortable! It is suggested to wear clothes that are comfortable to walk around in, but also give you enough ventilation when the sun is beaming down. A pro tip, don’t wear any tops or bottoms with designs or edges that may cause a weird tan line. If you’re like me and burn easily, you will thank me for this one! Spotlights ‘Main Street Style’ at Disney Parks Around the World

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Maybe this one should have been listed first. Sunblock, sunblock, sunblock! Protect your skin from the high uv rays during the peak hours of the summertime. Pack a bottle in your backpack and make sure to apply it frequently. This is an even more important tip if this is the beginning of your Disney vacation. Nothing ruins a Disney trip more, than having sunburn on day one and feeling uncomfortable for the rest of your stay.

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Hat and Sunglasses

And, or! A hat and sunglasses are easy to pack in your backpack or your fanny pack. When the sun is coming down, you’ll be grateful to be able to see through the brightness and protect your eyes.

Rain Jacket / Umbrella

The summer months sure are hot in Florida, but towards the end of the summer it is also hurricane season. Florida is notorious for random showers and thunderstorms, so you’ll want to be prepared. Although being rained on doesn’t sound half bad on a hot day, you may not want to soak your Minnie Mouse ears!

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Plan Disney interviewed some of their Cast Members about what they would pack in their bags on a hot summer day in Disney World. In conjunction, “Mandy is not going anywhere without her portable charger and hair ties to keep her cool on a warm summer day.” Plan Disney agrees sunscreen and hats are a big one, and even an autograph book for when you run into your favorite character. Are we forgetting anything?

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