5 Reasons We Absolutely Love Walt Disney World’s Dining Plan


The Disney Dining Plan is an add-on that can be added to resort packages including a Disney Resort stay and ticket purchase. The Dining Plan is a definite must for my family based on our eating habits and how we like to plan our meals. We love Disney Dining and it is a great way to make sure we get to plan ahead and experience our favorites. Here are 5 reasons why we absolutely love Walt Disney World’s Dining Plan:


5. Various options to choose from.

There isn’t just one option or a one-size-fits all approach to the dining plans. You actually have the choice between 3 very different options that you can pick from based on your family’s budget, needs and eating habits. There is the Quick Service Dining Plan, which includes 2 quick-service entitlements and 2 snacks per day, per person. The Disney Dining plan includes 1 quick-service, 1 table-service entitlement and 2 snacks per day, per person. Then there is the Deluxe Dining Plan, which includes 3 table or quick-service meals and 2 snacks per day, per person. You are able to weigh out your dining preferences and budget to determine what would work best for your family to meet the needs of your vacation! It’s really convenient!

4. Resort Rapid Refill mug is included.

Each person in your party (over age 3) will get their own Rapid Refill mug. They will get to pick the color they want so you can have a little bit of personalization, and then everyone is able to get unlimited refills on the offered hot and cold beverages for the duration of your stay. The mugs are only able to be refilled at the resort, but it is still nice to have one less expense to worry about and be able to have unlimited beverages on your comings and goings. The mug also serves as a great souvenir to use at home and commemorate your trip!

3. Encourages you to try new things.

We all know how we can be when we are looking at the menu and looking at the prices. We become less likely to try new things or be adventurous if we are actively comparing the costs and have that nagging fear that we may not like what we order. This seems to be a little bit less of an issue when the meals are already paid for and you know you have snack entitlements should you happen to leave the meal hungry (which probably won’t happen anyway). Depending on your dining plan selection, you may be able to get appetizers or desserts with your meals, which is another opportunity to try new things. You may have skipped ordering these if they weren’t part of your meal, but now you get the chance to try something new!

2. The flexibility in using entitlements.

Disney makes using the dining plan easier than ever before. The dining plan entitlements are tied to your Magic Band, so you don’t have to carry anything else with you to utilize your plan. You also have the options to convert meal entitlements to extra snack entitlements if you find yourself with extras toward the end of your trip. This allows you to select snacks to bring back with you so that you can still have a little bit of the Disney magic at home. There are Signature Dining options at Disney, which are pricier than the other restaurants on property. You are still able to enjoy these experiences with the dining plan, by using 2 entitlements, instead of 1. You can even use 2 entitlements to partake in room service if you find that room service is a better option for you on a particular night. With these different ways to use the dining plan, it makes the plan even more customizable and easy to use so that you can enjoy your favorite meal locations.


1. All-inclusive vacation feel.

It is very relaxing when you can leave for vacation and most of your costs have already been paid for. The Dining Plans allow you to pre-pay for your meals so that they are at a fixed cost and you don’t have to worry about budgeting spending money (and tip money) versus money that is needed to for your meals. It is one less thing to budget and plan for, or receive sticker shock at the end of your trip when you view your credit card statement. It makes your meals something that you can budget for in your package price, which is extremely convenient for those of us that plan out detailed budgets. Who doesn’t love one less thing to worry about while you are enjoying one of the most magical vacations on earth?

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