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6 SUPER Cute Ways to Tell Your Kids You’re Going to Walt Disney World

When it comes to planning a Disney trip so much attention goes into all the details. Where will you eat? What will you wear? What hotel will you stay at? But one of the best parts happens before you even leave when you announce the trip to your family! Here are some magical tips for announcing a Disney trip and making it a memorable moment.

Decide When You Reveal the News

There are two ways to reveal the big news: in advance of the trip or on the way to take the trip.

If you decide to announce the news in advance, the biggest pro is letting your family join in on the fun of planning the rest of the details and shopping for vacation necessities. Some kids really get into the planning process and have fun with it. If your kid fits that description, then tell them in advance so they can help you plan and countdown the days!

If you decide to announce the news en route to Disney then consider timing is everything. Are your kids small enough to get away with not revealing the news until you get to the airport? Or will you have to tell them before you get in the car? Plan out the specifics of what specific part of the travel you will tell them. Make sure your kid likes surprises, some kids might get overwhelmed with a sudden ‘hey, we’re hopping on an airplane!’ announcement with no warning.

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Pick a Creative Announcement

Now this is the fun part, there’s a few fun ways to announce the news and some vary depending on the timing you’ve selected. Here are some of the fun ways to announce a Disney trip we have shared:

  1. Suitcase Surprise- fill up a suitcase with everything your kids need on their Disney trip including all the fun Disney gear you (probably) got them.
  2. Christmas Morning- if the trip is a present for Christmas or a birthday then turn the moment into a present they can open! Give them wrapped gifts that give away the big surprise- you could use Minnie ears, Disney trip shirts, Magic Bands, the options are endless. (We wrote about some other fun ways to celebrate your birthday at Walt Disney World.)
  3. Wrapping Disney Balloons- get a big box, wrap it, and fill it up with Disney themed helium balloons. You can find custom balloons made online that announce your trip specifics or you could even write on one with something like ‘You’re going to Disney!’
  4. Scavenger Hunt- make a scavenger hunt with clues that lead up to the big announcement of your trip. Pinterest has an abundance of scavenger hunt ideas for big kids and small kids.
  5. Letter from Mickey- nothing says magic like getting a personalized letter from Mickey. Mail your kids a letter from Mickey inviting them to visit the park, they will be so excited when they see their name in the mail.
  6. Food Themed- if your kids have been to the parks before, they probably already associate certain foods with Disney. You can find tons of Disney themed recipes online from Dole Whips to Mickey waffles. Make a fun meal and announce the news!

Regardless of what method you pick, make sure to get a video of your kid’s reactions. Seeing their faces light up can be the best part. But also remember, especially for kids that have never been, they might not be as excited as you might expect. This is just because they’ve never been yet, so they don’t know how great it is! The excitement will come later, trust me.

Writer’s Bio: Lindsay Brookshier is the editor of and Their tips help people save money and experience more at Walt Disney World and Disneyland and have been featured in Forbes, Travel+Leisure, the LA Times, Yahoo! News, and more.

About Lindsay Brookshier

Lindsay Brookshier is the editor of and Their tips help people save money and experience more at Walt Disney World and Disneyland and have been featured in Forbes, Travel+Leisure, the LA Times, Yahoo! News, and more.