6 Things You Will Love About Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto At Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

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Talk about a really fun place to hang out with friends, get a bite to eat and definitely have a drink to relax and enjoy an evening out. Trader Sam’s has it all and can definitely give you all of that, surrounded by an amazing, unique atmosphere. Here are 6 things that you will love about Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto:


6. The location

Trader Sam’s just happens to be located at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, which is one of the most popular resorts on property. It is also easily accessed via the monorail, or a quick walk from the TTC if you are coming from the Epcot monorail. It is also accessed from a few of the resorts by boat, so that makes it a very convenient resort to make your way to if you happen to be staying somewhere else. The location is not only convenient but also beautiful. The whole resort is a beautiful tropical paradise and you instantly feel a sense of relaxation and tropical serenity when you are at the resort. You have outside or inside seating options, but you definitely want to be inside if at all possible. There are so many extras and effect that go off within the restaurant amongst all the décor and props, so you definitely don’t want to miss it!

5. The hype and envy

Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar was a huge hit at Disneyland, so it received a lot of hype and excitement when it was announced that there would be the Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto location at Polynesian Village. It stays constantly packed and often has lines to get in. It definitely makes other Disney fans jealous and envious when pictures are posted of food, drinks and the atmosphere inside the lounge. This is a must-visit location for so many fans every time that they come.

4. The souvenir glasses

Many of the drinks offer souvenir glasses, and all of them are amazing. You can get a shrunken head, a tiki, the nautilus, the tiki goddess drink (Uh-Oa!)…. They are all so unique and tell part of the story at Trader Sam’s. The drinks inside them are delicious and potent, too. You will definitely want to order some of the drinks just to get the glass, especially the Nautilus! Definitely check the prices and type of cup. The glasses are different styles and sizes. The prices can also be pretty steep on some of them. So just make sure to ask questions so you get what you want and aren’t disappointed.

3. The signature drinks

You can’t visit here and not enjoy the drinks… you just can’t! OK, well of course you can, but why would you want to? These are some of the most amazing drinks on property. They have it all! They are perfectly themed, delicious, tell their own story and are just plain fun to drink. The Uh-Oa! is one of my favorite drinks. It can be pretty dangerous, especially if you aren’t sharing, but it is so good. The Nautilus is a fan-favorite. It is pricey, but oh so worth it!

2. Delicious food

This is so more than just your average bar food. Since I am a big-time sushi fan, the Headhunter Sushi Roll is my go-to. The Pan-Fried Dumplings and the Kalua Pork Tacos have also been favorites in our group. The food is amazing and pairs nicely with the tropical drinks and theme of the restaurant. This is a location that I definitely can make a dinner spot, especially when my husband and I get a break from the kids to talk and enjoy being away!


1. The unique service

The cast members here really place their part. They get into their own characters that fit right into the atmosphere. When some of the various extras “go off” around the lounge the cast get into it and really bring the place to life. The cast definitely add a lot of charm to the experience and help make it an experience that you can’t get anywhere else on property.

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