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6 Things You Will Love About Tusker House Restaurant At Walt Disney World

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to some dining options that are just as unique as the lands throughout the park. From quick service barbecue at Flame Tree Barbecue to Asian inspired full service meals at Yak and Yeti Restaurant, there is a meal for every guest to enjoy. One of the most popular dining locations in the park is Tusker House Restaurant which is located in Harambe Village in Africa. Featuring unique breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings in a rich setting with character interactions, it is no wonder that this location is so popular with guests! Here are six things that you will love about Tusker House Restaurant that will make you want to visit on you next trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom!


6. Theme –

Since Tusker House Restaurant is located in Harambe Village, the restaurant is rich in detail that reflects the surrounding African architecture and atmosphere. When guests check in for their meal, they are offered the option to wait at several small outdoor tables where they can enjoy the atmosphere and take in some of the exterior details. Once inside, guests will notice that the dining areas are roughly divided up into different rooms that are all themed to be offices and waiting areas of a safari company. Each area is rich in details such as carvings, artwork, signs pertaining to the safari company’s day to day business, and masks. With such an intricate theme and story, guests are sure to love walking around the restaurant and enjoying the atmosphere!

5. Jungle Juice –

Guests are treated to the option of ordering Jungle Juice as part of their meal at Tusker House Restaurant and should definitely try it if they haven’t before. Combining orange, guava, and passion fruit juices and featuring a brilliant orange color, this juice is the perfect refreshing way to kick off a meal in Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

4. Buffet –

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Tusker House Restaurant all feature extensive buffets which are housed in a massive two story room. Each buffet area is made to look like small rolling carts and features several different offerings. No matter which meal guests choose to enjoy, the buffet features extensive options to choose from. Other breakfast options include quiche, scrambled eggs, cereals, Mickey Waffles, biscuits, oatmeal, banana bread, and fresh fruits. Lunch and dinner buffet options include beef striploin, macaroni and cheese, plantains, basmati rice, deli meats and cheeses, smoke salmon, and fresh fruit and vegetables. With so much to choose from, there is something that every guest will love to eat!

3. Character Interactions –

Guests who dine at Tusker House Restaurant for breakfast or lunch are treated to a character meal with lots of interaction. Guests can meet Donald, Daisy, Mickey, and Goofy (and sometimes Minnie on the rare occasion!) who are all decked out in their safari gear and look like they just came from nearby Kilimanjaro Safaris. Each character stops at guests’ tables to pose for photos, offer up hugs, and sign autographs. Kids can even take part in a character parade around the restaurant all set to music. Both kids and adults can have a lot of fun at a character meal, and Tusker House Restaurant offers up a great location to enjoy one.

2. Drinks –

In addition to the Jungle Juice and traditional beverage options like soda and seltzer, guests can indulge in some unique alcoholic options during lunch and dinner at Tusker House Restaurant. Guests can opt to choose from African bottled beers including Tusker Lager or Casa Lager (which can also be found in Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion). Or guests can choose to enjoy a cocktail like the African Margarita which combines tequila, South African tangerine liqueur, sweet and sour, and lime juice for a refreshing and exotic drink. No matter what drink guests choose to order, they are sure to enjoy it!


1. African Specialty Foods –

One of the best features of Tusker House Restaurant is the combination of classic American options and traditional African foods. Guests can enjoy food that they are comfortable with while still being able to try out new foods and discover if they like them. The buffet offers up several traditional African options like beef bobotie, basmati rice, curry chicken, berbere rubbed beef, and Kenyan Coffee barbecue pork loin. Guests should definitely try out some of the African foods since it is a great way to enjoy dining at Tusker House Restaurant.

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