7 Things You’ll Love About Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café At Walt Disney World

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café is one of my favorite quick service restaurants at Walt Disney World. From the unique options, especially for a restaurant that is primarily billed as burger place, to the scope of the location, and the live entertainment, there are plenty of things to love about this Tomorrowland gem.


7. Variety

As far as quick service options go, especially in the Magic Kingdom, which with a couple of exceptions is primarily typical theme park fare, Cosmic Ray’s offers a wide variety of options in terms of food. All the basics are covered here as well, with options like cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, and hot dogs, but there’s also some more unique items like chicken sandwiches, ribs, and a ribs and chicken combo to name a few.

6. Size

The large size of Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café can be extremely helpful, especially when touring the parks during a busier time of year. As one of the largest quick service dining locations in the world, you can generally find seats in this restaurant regardless of what the crowds in the park are like, and with the huge kitchen you shouldn’t be waiting too long to get your food either . While other quick service locations, like Casey’s Corner for instance, are equally as delicious, their smaller size is limiting during the peak lunch time rush compared to Cosmic Ray’s.

5. Location

This point might just be entirely my own opinion, but Tomorrowland is one of my favorite parts of the Magic Kingdom, which makes Cosmic Ray’s one of the most ideal places for me to grab a quick bite for lunch or dinner. I love going into the park in the middle of the day, riding Space Mountain, and then heading over to Cosmic Ray’s for lunch.

4. Value

Cosmic Ray’s, in my opinion, is one the upper middle end of the value scale among Disney quick service locations—the only thing that would increase the value more would be free refills. Not only is there a wide variety of food, but the portions are also pretty good for the money, and lunch/dinner comes with a show via Sonny Eclipse, but more on him in a little bit.

3. Mobile Ordering

Cosmic Ray’s is one of the quick service restaurants on the Mobile Food and Beverage Ordering on the My Disney Experience App. It’s super simple! Order and pay for your food from the My Disney Experience app and pick up your food when you arrive. It’s awesome and saves loads of time!

2. Food

Now that we’ve discussed the variety of the food, let’s talk about how the food actually is at Cosmic Ray’s. For me, this has always been one of the standout quick service dining options. The non-cheeseburger/hot dog options are always delicious, and if you do decide to go the more traditional route with a burger there is pre-packaged toppings with all the basic sauces.


1. Sonny Eclipse

Sonny Eclipse, the audio animatronic alien who performs in one of the dining areas at Cosmic Ray’s, is by far my favorite part about dining at this restaurant. Sonny always adds some live entertainment to your meal, which can be hard to come by at a quick service, rather than a table service location. He’s actually one of my favorite things about Tomorrowland, and I always make sure to stop by and hear some of his songs, or listen to his “punny” jokes in Cosmic Ray’s once per trip regardless of whether or not I actually end up eating there. Seeing Sonny perform has really become an unofficial tradition of mine, and if you haven’t been to Cosmic Ray’s before I highly recommend stopping by on your next trip to the parks to see a performance by one of my favorite little aliens.

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