6 Things You’ll Love About La Cantina de San Angel

La Cantina de San Angel, located in Epcot’s Mexico pavilion, is one of my favorite quick service restaurants at Walt Disney World. There are so many things to love about this location, like everything on the menu for starters, but thankfully I’ve narrowed it down to the six best things:


6. Location

La Cantina de San Angel is one of the most conveniently located restaurants in World Showcase. If you’re primarily spending your time in Future World, but you really have a craving for some amazing nachos, there’s nothing to worry about as Mexico is the first (or last) country in World Showcase. That means that La Cantina de San Angel is a quick walk from anywhere in World Showcase, and Future World. In addition to the convenience of the Mexico pavilion’s location, this pavilion is also elaborately themed with unique shopping, a tequila bar, mariachi band, and a character meet and greet. It’s one of my favorite pavilions at World Showcase!

5. Food

Since the Mexico pavilion is one of my favorites in World Showcase, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m a huge fan of the food at La Cantina de San Angel. The menu here includes items like nachos, salad, tacos, and chicken rice bowls, with beverages including jarritos and margaritas (among the usual Disney soda offerings.) Though I do love everything on the menu, I almost always go with the nachos (be sure to order a side of guacamole to go with them!) and churritos for dessert!

4. Value

La Cantina de San Angel is an excellent value for a quick service meal at Walt Disney World. The large portions of the entrees at this location can easily be split among adults, making it simple to literally cut the cost of eating out in half. The food here is also of very high quality, meaning you’ll feel like it’s worth spending the money, and you’re getting what you paid for. Oh, and one word: nachos. I should probably be ashamed about how much I ate the nachos here during my Disney College Program, but the nachos are a great value in themselves because they are so delicious that I would still pay for them even if they upped the price.

3. Seating Area

While peak vacation weeks will always be an issue at any quick service dining location, La Cantina de San Angel is generally a good place to be able to find a seat, even if you’re stopping by during the lunch rush. There is a covered seating area that overlooks World Showcase Lagoon, as well as indoor seating to the left of this dining room. And you really can’t go wrong with sitting in either place. If you choose to sit indoors you’ll have the air conditioning, and if you sit outdoors you’ll have a nice view.

2. Great Snack Option

Because of the way that the entrees here can easily be split between adults, La Cantina de San Angel is a great place to stop for a snack rather than a meal. While the nachos are intended to be an entrée, they can easily become a snack for three to four people. An order that includes three tacos can be split up to become a snack as well, and an order of churritos is another perfect option for snacking with your friends while wandering through the Mexico pavilion. And margaritas count as snacks too, right?


1. The View

Even if you’ve never watched Epcot’s fireworks from La Cantina de San Angel, you might have thought about the great view that this location would give you for the fireworks. As it turns out, this restaurant really does offer an excellent view of the show, but only if you’re lucky enough to score one of the tables right in the front, closest to the water. If you have your heart set on getting one of these tables, here’s major tip to keep in mind. Those tables go quick, and once someone has them they won’t be given up without a fight. To get one of those tables you need to arrive super early. I’d also recommend planning on picking on some tortilla chips and maybe making an evening out of sitting at the table with margaritas. While the cast members likely will not kick you out for holding down the table, I’m sure it’s appreciated if you’re actually using the table and not just saving it for the fireworks view. So plan on sitting here if you feel like having a night of sitting around picking on Mexican food and sipping margaritas.

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Brittany is a New England-based writer focused on the history of the Walt Disney World Resort. She is the author of "Red, White, and Disney: The Myths and Reality of American History at the Walt Disney World Resort," and "Brittany Earns Her Ears."