7 Best Hidden Mickeys in Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

Primeval Whirl
Credit: Disney

Are you ready for a new adventure? A day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is always full of exciting entertainment, thrilling rides, delicious treats, and of course, the stars of the show, the amazing animals. If you want to explore another aspect of this park, try the challenging hunt for Hidden Mickeys. Keep your eyes open for three circles situated together to form a silhouette of the ears and head of Mickey Mouse. It could be painted on an object or made up of other items. It might even be the full image of Mickey or one of his pals. All of the unique areas that make up the Animal Kingdom have Hidden Mickeys to find, so the next time you’re in this park, see if you can find the best of the bunch!


1. Rainforest Café

When guests first enter the park, one of the first things you encounter is the colorful sign for the Rainforest Café, a raucous restaurant famous for its delicious menu items and dynamic jungle atmosphere. Find the iguana on the sign and see if you can spot the Hidden Mickey on its neck.

2. Kilimanjaro Safaris

There are several Hidden Mickeys on this popular attraction, but my favorite one can be found when your safari vehicle travels around Flamingo Island. These birds are fun to watch, but the piece of land they call home is actually shaped like a classic Hidden Mickey.

3. Pizzafari

Head to Discovery Island to find a great place to grab a delicious quick-service meal. Guests can enjoy pizza, pasta, and salads in one of several rooms featuring vivid murals depicting themes in nature. Check out the mural with the sea life and find the turtle. There is a Hidden Mickey formed by three spots on the bottom of the turtle’s shell.


4. Harambe Market

A relatively new section of the park, Harambe Market, is located in the bustling Africa section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It features several stations that offer meals inspired by African street food, plus delicious beverages. A favorite Mickey of mine can be found here on the outside wall of the market. Look for a complete drawing of Mickey with the word Fichwa under it. This word means “hidden” in Swahili. How perfect is that! As a bonus, there is a Hidden Donald on the outside wall as you enter the train station on the Wildlife Express train.

5. Kali River Rapids

Head over to the Asia section of the park and cool off on Kali River Rapids, a thrilling raft ride that carries you through lush jungles on the Chakranadi River. Before you get soaked, enter the attraction queue and look for a bunch of pans hanging on the wall. Three of these pans are grouped in such a way to form a classic Hidden Mickey.

6. Avatar Flight of Passage

Even the newest section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Pandora-The World of Avatar, holds many Hidden Mickeys for adventure seekers. If you’re ready to glide on the back of a banshee, enter the queue area for Avatar Flight of Passage and look for the “Attention” sign painted on the right wall. Once you’ve passed this, look up at the ceiling for an incredible bioluminescent Hidden Mickey. What a fitting choice for this mysterious land of glowing plants and animals!

7. Dinoland U.S.A.

This land of dinosaurs and prehistoric fun is loaded with Hidden Mickeys. Head over to the Primeval Whirl attraction for a fast trip back through time. Try looking around for the meteors as you spin around the track. Some of the craters on these meteors are artfully arranged into Hidden Mickeys.

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