7 Hidden Secrets In Sunset Boulevard In Walt Disney World

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Guests who enjoy a vacation in Walt Disney World love spending time in Disney’s Hollywood Studios which offers up different experiences from being shrunken down to the size of a toy, being a part of the Star Wars “force”, watching epic stunts be pulled off safely Indiana Jones style, and enter into The Twilight Zone. One of the most detailed areas of the park is Sunset Boulevard which transports guests back to the 1930s and 1940s in Hollywood and features plenty of experiences including shopping and attractions. Part of what makes Sunset Boulevard so amazing is the immense attention to detail on everything from signs to décor. Amongst all of the details are plenty of hidden secrets for guests to discover and enjoy while exploring Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Here are seven secrets in Sunset Boulevard in Walt Disney World.


7. A Disney Publication –

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is a favorite attraction of many that takes guests into the Hollywood Tower Hotel where something sinister happened years ago. The hotel was abandoned quickly after a group of five guests were struck by lightning while riding one of the elevators and ended up stranded in The Twilight Zone. Guests quickly find themselves on a service elevator and starring in their own episode, sharing the same fate as the five guests. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is one of the most intricately themed attractions in all of Walt Disney World and the lobby is full of interesting props and items left behind by guests. As guests enter into the lobby, they should look for an issue of Photoplay Magazine on a nearby table. Those who are sharp eyed enough to spot the features will notice that the issue features several pages of caricatures by Walt Disney.

6. Special Pavement –

Many guests who wander through Sunset Boulevard are focused on the many neon signs, bustling shops, and the ominous Hollywood Tower Hotel at the end of the street. Since the attention is focused upwards, many guests miss a great hidden secret rooted in Disney history on the ground. Near the beginning of the street there is an interesting stamp embedded in the pavement which reads “Mortimer Bros Construction Co. 1928.” While the company name and date might seem random, they actually pay homage to the history of Mickey Mouse. Mickey’s first name was originally Mortimer and his first feature film. Steamboat Willie, was released in 1928.

5. A Special Number –

Back in the golden years of Hollywood one of the most convenient means of transportation was trolley cars. Sunset Boulevard is no different and a red trolley can be found parked near the end of the street. Guests should pay close attention to the specific number of the trolley which is 694. The number pays tribute to the fact that Sunset Boulevard opened in June of 1994, adding thrills and Hollywood glamour to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

4. An Eerie Detail –

Once guests board the service elevator on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror there is no turning back from the adventure that is to come. While waiting for the seatbelt check conducted by a Cast Member, guests should look for a safety inspection certificate which pays homage to an episode of the television series which inspired the attraction. The inspection was signed off by a Mr. Cadwallader who in the episode Escape Clause was the devil in disguise. Cadwallader made a bargain with a man allowing him to live forever in exchange for his soul. Guests will definitely be cautious about the journey to come after realizing that the devil signed off on the safety of their elevator!


3. Paging The Beatles –

The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith takes guests into G Force Records where the band is recording their next big hit. After a chance encounter in the studio, guests find themselves invited to the band’s concert across town and strapped into a super stretch limo which rockets through the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. While waiting to enter into the studio where the band is recording, guests can hear an interesting page which pays tribute to The Beatles and one of their most famous songs. The page is trying to track down a specific employee and declares “Hey, Jude! Pick up line one!” Hey Jude is an obvious reference to one of The Beatles most classic hits and gets guests into the spirit of rock and roll.

2. Safety Instructions –

After running into Aerosmith, guess find themselves in the back alley of the recording studio where they eventually board their super stretch limos. While in the alley there are plenty of stickers, graffiti, and signs for guests to read while awaiting their turn to launch into Los Angeles. As guests work their way closer to the loading area, there is a sign shaped like a guitar which shares safety instructions for while on board the attraction. At the bottom of the instructions the sign tells guests “thank you vera much” for reading which is a subtle nod to the king of rock and roll and the unique way that Elvis used to speak.

1. A Sinister Cookbook –

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is full of props and items which pay tribute to various episodes of the television show The Twilight Zone. After moving through the lobby, guests enter into the library where they watch a short film narrated by Rod Serling describing the episode in which they are about to star in. Throughout the lobby there are plenty of items which directly reference episodes of the television shows including a cookbook which at first glance seems harmless. The book is titled “To Serve Man” and is from an episode of the same name in which the human race soon realizes that the aliens who have claimed to be benevolent all along are actually following a cookbook to eat man. The title of the book is a clever play on the sinister detail that man would actually be served for dinner!

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