7 Must-See Disneyland Resort Photo Ops

Make a Wish Kid Hugs Mickey at Disneyland
Credit: Disney

Planning a trip to Disney can be stressful. So once you have arrived and are ready to enjoy the Parks, you want something to remember your trip by. Disney’s Photo Pass helps you capture your memories and keep them forever.

Photo Pass isn’t just for saving your memories; it can be for making them too. Disney knows all the spots that make for the best photo op throughout the Parks. In Disneyland, Guests can go to these spots to take photos and even feature some of their favorite characters.

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Photo Op’s at Disneyland

Balloons at Disneyland Resort

Guests can enjoy this balloon photo during Disney100! Typically, this photo is available throughout Disneyland but will offer limited-edition options depending on the time of the year and balloons available. Ask a local photographer if they offer this magic shot at their location and capture your moment!

Chesire Cat at Mad Tea Party in Fantasyland

Celebrate your unbirthday with Chesire Cat! This fun photo op is fit for the whole family, looking like you are a genuine part of the Mad Tea Party.

Huey, Dewy, and Louie Left the Hyperion Theater in Hollywood Land

Rush to take a photo with Huey, Dewy, and Louie before Uncle Donald catches you! Grab your gang and the three new additions to your crew for this fun photo in Hollywood Land.


Credit: Disneyland

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Violet’s Force Field Bridge to Pixar Pier

Become a part of your own scene in the Incredibles. You can bring this memory home with Violet and Jack Jack’s help. With the purple frame of Violet’s force field and Jack Jack’s unexpected superpowers, this photo will surely capture the whole family acting supernatural.

Porg at Millinieum Falcon

Star Wars is a sight to see, so why not bring that home with you? Head to Millennium Falcon, and a photographer will surely capture this unbelievable moment.

Minnie Mouse at Sleeping Beauty Castle and Partners Statue

One of the most iconic Disney characters, Minnie Mouse, is a must-photo op! With two locations to photograph, join in the photo with Minnie to feature her style and smile for a memory to have forever.

Buzz Lightyear and Woody at Bridge to Pixar Pier

This iconic shot with the Pixar Pier behind you is already a photo worth taking. Then add in Buzz and Woody, and you have a photo that’s almost too real to believe. This magic shot will have you shooting for the stars!


Credit: Disneyland

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Disney offers these Magic Shots through Genie+ or Disney Photo Pass+. Disney offers a full day of Photo Pass with digital downloads, or you can purchase each photo as you see fit. Your Disney Photo Pass must be linked to your account to access the photos through your app or magic band. Furthermore, Disney card members can receive complimentary downloads from specific character meet and greets.

And Disney reminds you not to forget to tag these magical moments using the #DisneyPhotoPass.

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