7 Things Walt Disney World Insiders Love About Cast Members

We definitely can’t have Walt Disney World as we know it without all of the amazing cast members that keep things going. It takes cast members from every aspect of your vacation to the booking, Magical Express, resort check-in, housekeeping, park admission… the list goes on and on. Disney Insiders can likely tell you many different stories about exceptional cast members they have come into contact with and the impact these cast members had on their vacation. Here are 7 things that Walt Disney World insiders love about Disney cast members:


7. Their friendly demeanor

Disney cast members are among the friendliest and happy individuals that you will find in the customer service industry. The cast members are held to the highest of standards by Disney and their guests. They go through training to understand these expectations and Disney is careful to hire individuals who fit what they are looking for as a representative of the brand. This definitely shows and is a huge contributing factor to vacation satisfaction.

6. Their willingness and desire to the best guest experience

Cast members are expected to preserve the guest experience and help guests have the most magical vacation possible. Disney cast members work hard at this and are a huge part of most experiences that the millions of guests who visit Walt Disney World each year get to have while they are on vacation. The dedication that cast members have is hard to match and just another reason why we love them.

5. Their vast amount of knowledge

Most Disney cast members are Disney addicts like us Disney Insiders. They love the characters, the music, the movies and everything about the parks. They spend their free time exploring and learning more about Disney as a company and what Walt Disney World has to offer. This makes them invaluable resources when it comes to planning, gathering ideas, finding various locations or characters, etc. If in doubt, ask a cast member. It is very likely that they can help you answer your question, and would be happy to do so.

4. The genuine conversations

We have met so many amazing cast members in our several years as regular visitors to Walt Disney World. These cast members are extremely memorable and we could have talked to them for hours. They have unique stories and experience to share that can be helpful to you on your vacation, while having an interaction that becomes a memorable part of your vacation.

3. Creating magical moments

It is no secret by now that cast members are the key part of creating magical moments for guests during their stays. This is as simple as waving to the “princesses” and “princes” as they go by or handing out stickers to Disney fanatics of all ages. This can also be larger efforts like helping a guest find the perfect souvenir, picking the family of the day, playing games with guests, etc. The cast members have the unique power to add to the guest experience and create new and different ways to make each guest feel special.


2. The diverse group of cast

Disney cast members all wear a name badge. On that badge you are also able to see what country/state the cast member is from. Disney has one of the most diverse group of cast with individuals of all ages, races, cultures, countries, etc. Walt Disney World offers the Disney College Program for individuals within the US and the International College Program that brings in college students from all over the world. This gives you the opportunity to engage and interact with all types of people with all different backgrounds. We have enjoyed getting to know cast members from all over during our stays and learning about their hometown or country.

1. The seamless job they do

We can’t have Walt Disney World and these amazing vacations year after year without the contributions, effort and care that the cast members put in. They do an amazing job and are held to the highest of standards. I am sure you would lose count if you tried to count every cast member that contributed to your vacation and you had interaction with during your time on property. So when you think about the amount of dedicated, hard-working people it takes to keep Walt Disney World running, it is insane. Be sure to thank the cast members you come into contact with!

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