7 Things You Will Love About Be Our Guest Restaurant At Walt Disney World

Be Our Guest Restaurant
Credit: Disney

The Magic Kingdom is home to seven distinct lands ranging from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland and each area is home to its own unique attractions and dining options. Most of the dining locations in the Magic Kingdom are quick service options, like Columbia Harbour House or Pinocchio’s Village Haus, where guests order their meals at a counter and choose their own table to dine at. There are also several full service options including The Plaza Restaurant and The Crystal Palace. Magic Kingdom’s Be Our Guest Restaurant in Fantasyland offers a unique combination of both quick service and full service meals. Let’s check out seven things that you will absolutely love about Be Our Guest Restaurant.


7. Theme

Be Our Guest Restaurant is named after the classic song from the animated film Beauty and the Beast and the restaurant allows guests to feel as though they have actually stepped into the film. The exterior of the restaurant features a massive bridge that guests cross to enter into the Beast’s castle. The main dining room is a replica of the ballroom from the castle, including massive windows overlooking the French countryside. Guests can also be seated in the West Wing where they can watch a portrait of Prince Adam transform into the Beast with each lightning bolt and observe the Enchanted Rose. The final dining area is the Castle Gallery which features an intricate statue of Belle and the Beast dancing surrounded by portraits of their life together during and after the film.

6. Gargoyles

One of the most detailed and stunning elements of Be Our Guest Restaurant are the massive gargoyles that are located both outside and in the entrance to the restaurant. Scattered along the entrance bridge are morose gargoyles holding up massive posts, and the grand entrance into the restaurant features two winged creatures rich in detail and opulence. Just inside the main entrance are two more gargoyle who appear to be holding up massive stones which form the archway into the main ballroom. These gargoyles add great detail to the restaurant and help guests feel as though they are experiencing classic French sculptures and artwork.

5. Quick Service Meals

Be Our Guest Restaurant offers up a unique combination of both quick service and full service meals. Breakfast and lunch are offered in the quick service setting, and guests order their meals on touch screen kiosks in a grand hall of suits of armor. Be sure to leave extra time when choosing to dine at Be Our Guest Restaurant for breakfast or lunch as there usually tends to be a line to get in even with reservations!

4. Prix Fixe Dinner

Dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant is a full service affair featuring decadent French classics that can’t be found anywhere else in the Magic Kingdom and are sure to please everyone. A recent change has made Be Our Guest Restaurant a “prix fixe” dinner experience. This means you pay one dinner price for a 3-course menu. This change from an a la carte menu was put in place to prevent guests from making dinner reservations just to have dessert so they could see the Castle and meet Beast.


3. Alcoholic Beverages

Until the opening of Be Our Guest Restaurant, no alcohol was served in the Magic Kingdom. Guests can now enjoy a drink only during dinner at the restaurant. Drink options include wine by the glass or bottle and beer. Be sure to ask the server about what options would pair well with your meal as they are familiar with the options and always willing to help out!

2. Grey Stuff

Remember the line in the classic song “Be Our Guest” that goes “Try the grey stuff it’s delicious, don’t believe me? Ask the dishes!”? Well, so many guests asked about the Grey Stuff that it is now a staple on the dessert menu. Available as a stand-alone dessert or as the frosting on a cupcake, the Grey Stuff is a whipped mousse that has a cookies and cream flavor and is delicious! Don’t believe me? Well, you know who to ask!

1. Meeting the Beast

During dinner, the Beast makes a grand entrance through the ballroom and into the adjoining dining areas and greets the guests dining in his castle. After finishing their meals, guests can then walk over to a small room and have a private meet and greet with the Beast who is happy to take pictures and interact with everyone. Meeting the Beast is the perfect way to end a delicious meal at Be Our Guest Restaurant!

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