7 Things You Will Love About Epcot’s American Adventure Pavilion In Walt Disney World

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The American Adventure pavilion may sound like it could be a little boring since you are in, well, America… but it actually has many amazing things that you will enjoy and love and can’t experience anywhere else in Walt Disney World. This pavilion is definitely one that is worth exploring and experiencing all that it has to offer. Here are 7 things that you will love about Epcot’s American Adventure pavilion in Walt Disney World:


7. American Gardens Theater

This is a beautiful amphitheater that is the home to many different shows and concerts. There are performances daily by different singing groups and even DJs for guests to enjoy the music. This venue is also the host of special concert appearances by different celebrities, as well as the extremely popular Voices of Liberty show during the holidays. Be sure to arrive early where there are special events going on since seating is limited!

6. Patriotic Shopping

You can expect to find many of the usual Disney gift shop type of items, but at this pavilion you can also find copies of historical American documents and history for purchase and many items that are completely made in the USA. If you are a true patriot, you will likely want to spend time shopping at this location. You can expect items that are very significant to American culture and that you won’t be able to find elsewhere in the parks.

5. Funnel Cake

Funnel cake is an American fair staple. You can’t attend most American events, especially events with food vendors, and not be offered the opportunity to get a funnel cake. Fortunately this pavilion doesn’t disappoint, and the funnel cake here is absolutely amazing. You can even purchase funnel cakes with various topping choices, and you can purchase a kit to make funnel cakes at home! Make sure you time your snacks to have one of these. You won’t be sorry!

4. Impressive Architecture

The outside of the main building resembles a capitol building style. It is extremely impressive and perfectly captures American history. What is even more impressive is the inside! I am always in awe of the extremely tall rotunda in the center of the lobby, and the impressive level of pristine details and all of the white trim and staircase work. I feel like I have stepped into the colonial era and am a part of the history. It is one of the most beautiful sights.

3. The American Adventure

This is a wonderful recollection of American history in an amazing setting and accompanied by animatronics and music. This is more than just a show on a screen and one that leaves you feeling a strong sense of pride and patriotism (I get the same feeling when I experience Hall of Presidents at MK). With the use of the animatronic technology, the show is interesting and feels more interactive than just a screen show. This is definitely worth a stop to experience.


2. The location for Epcot Forever

This pavilion is directly across from the Epcot ball and is the pavilion at the very center of the World Showcase. This gives a great vantage point to see the entire show with the Epcot ball centered in the background. There are also projections at different points in the show that are reflected onto the Epcot ball, so you get a clear view of these when they occur. It is a beautiful location to experience the show. Just keep in mind that it is the furthest location to get out of the park, too, with it being in the center, so you may want to take your time strolling out of the park to save on the chaos and crowds.

1. Voices of Liberty

I definitely saved the best for last in this case. This is a wonderful singing group that performs multiple times today underneath the rotunda inside the main building. The group is dressed in colonial attire and performs patriotic classics, working songs and versions of classic Disney songs. They are absolutely AMAZING, and I could easily go for every single one of their sets in a day and still enjoy it just as much each time. They do perform multiple times per day, so be sure to check the Times Guide for each day to see when you should be there. You will want to get there a little early and sit toward the right when you walk in. They will face that side when they perform. Save me a seat!

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