8 Favorite Things Found on Sunset Blvd at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World

One of the most iconic areas of the Hollywood Studios park is Sunset Blvd. Here you’ll find all kinds of favorites, as well as a few hidden gems that many don’t even realize exist. For this reason, we encourage you to make sure you plan plenty of time for this little section of the Studios. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss some of the classics just because you lacked time! Wondering what you should do when you head down this fun-filled street? Here are our favorite things found on Sunset Blvd.


1. Tower of Terror

The Twilight Zone is one of those classic shows that everyone should see at least once, even if they do happen to come from a younger generation. Luckily, The Tower of Terror keeps the memory of The Twilight Zone alive and well, always managing to thrill and terrify all who visit. If you’re looking for some amazing storytelling, great theming, and a wonderful thrill, be sure to ride Tower of Terror. In fact, you may want to leave time for a few rides.

2. Fairfax Fare

Of course, you’re probably going to get hungry during your time on Sunset Blvd. This is where Fairfax Fare steps in. This eatery serves up yummy counter-service foods such as pulled pork sandwiches and rice bowls. Everything is fresh and delicious, and the super fast service at this location means you’ll be able to jump back into the fun sooner than you’d ever expect.

3. Tower Hotel Gifts

Easily one of the most unique gift shops on property, Tower Hotel Gifts is a wonderful place to shop for some creepy souvenirs. Tower of Terror merchandise fills the shelves in this little shop, and fans of the ride absolutely love it. T-shirts and mugs bearing Tower of Terror images are everywhere, and for those seeking out a more unique item, the Tower of Terror-themed game of Clue is just perfect. Of course, the desk bells and “Do Not Disturb” signs bearing the Hollywood Tower Hotel logo are pretty fun as well.


4. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

In addition to Tower of Terror, Sunset Blvd is also home to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. This is another thrill ride and guest favorite. The coaster is set to music by Aerosmith and is full of big drops and quick turns and loops. Additionally, there is a great story behind the ride, making it even more amazing. This is an amazing ride for thrill seekers, and even more amazing for thrill seekers who happen to be fans of rock music!

5. Hollywood Scoops

Hot Florida weather means ice cream is a great treat almost anytime in Disney World. Luckily, Hollywood Scoops is available to visitors of Sunset Blvd, meaning you can grab a nice cold scoop of ice cream anytime. This little kiosk serves up ice cream sundaes, sandwiches, and more. Unfortunately, there is no indoor seating, but considering how you’ll be eating a chilly treat, air conditioning is less necessary.

6. Beauty and The Beast Live on Stage

Why not enjoy a show while you chow down on your ice cream dessert? “Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage” is located in this area of the park, and it is an absolutely fabulous retelling of this classic fairytale. Favorite characters fill the stage as they sing and dance their way through beloved Disney songs. The costumes are wonderful, the singing is incredible, and the dancing is out of this world. Don’t miss this wonderful performance!

7. Rock Around the Shop

Looking for more amazing shopping? We love the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster gift shop, known as Rock Around the Shop. This awesome shop has all kinds of Aerosmith gifts, as well as plenty more generic rock ‘n’ roll-themed merchandise. From the usual t-shirts and hats to more unique items such as drumsticks, the assortment of items here makes it a wonderful place to shop around.

8. Fantasmic!

Last but not least, we must mention “Fantasmic!”. This amazing nighttime spectacular is a must-see for every Hollywood Studios visitor and is located right at the end of Sunset Blvd. The performance uses lights, music, projections, characters, and even fire to tell a fabulous story and take the audience on a journey through Mickey’s imagination.

Be sure to stick around to see this amazing show and end your evening on an absolutely perfect note.

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