8 Things To Know About Senses Spa at Walt Disney World

If you’re a Disney fan, there’s pretty much nothing that beats the magic of a vacation at Walt Disney World!  But even the most ardent Disneyphile has to admit that the crowds and constant excitement and stimulation of WDW don’t always make for the most relaxing of vacations, especially if you’re vacationing with kids.  So if you’re looking for a temporary escape from the chaos, there’s no better place to head than Senses Spa, at Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.  We guarantee you’ll leave feeling relaxed, pampered and rejuvenated – and ready to tackle the parks again!


1. Ahhhh-mbience

Everything about the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa screams luxury and indulgence, so it’s not surprising that the atmosphere of Senses Spa immediately sets the scene for a stress-free visit of pampering. The spa carries on the gorgeous Victorian elegance of the rest of the resort, and you’ll enter through a graceful arch (don’t miss the huge, detailed wall mural of Florida in times gone by).  The lighting is soft to encourage relaxation, and you’ll hear the comforting sounds of spa water and soothing music as you prepare for your spa escape.  Make sure you check out the stunning mosaics on the walls and lounge chairs – Disney’s all about the details!

2. Pedicures, Massages and Facials, Oh My…

There’s a positively dizzying array of services offered at Senses Spa, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  With that in mind, we’ve streamlined your options here – but make sure you check the available services for the day of your visit, as these are subject to change.  The basic services provided boil down to: facials (we’re torn between the chocolate and tropical versions); massages (everything from Swedish to aromatherapy to hot stone), manicures and pedicures, and body treatments, which exfoliate and then nourish your body with some seriously amazing smelling blends.  There are spa packages if you’re looking for multiple treatments, and even a 6-hour spa day that will set you back $675!

Photo Credit: Disney

3. Tempting Treatments for Everyone

Are you celebrating a milestone event with a loved one?  Maybe you want to pamper a mother-to-be in your life, or introduce an uncertain male to the wonders of spa life?  Well, Senses Spa has special packages to suit every occasion.  There’s a Massage for Two, if you’re looking to celebrate some time together with that special someone.  There’s an Expectant Mother Massage that uses prenatal techniques and improves circulation for mom and baby.  There’s even a Refined or Custom Gentleman’s Facial.  There’s something to soothe and rejuvenate everyone in your party here!


4. Money Matters

When working a Senses Spa outing into your vacation budget, be aware that a 20% gratuity is added to your bill automatically here, so no need to tip the cast member providing your services (though you can, of course, if desired!).  And, because saving money is always nice, here’s an insider tip: if you’re an annual passholder, make sure you let them know, as you’ll receive 15% off your treatment, assuming you spend at least $45 for a service lasting 50 minutes or longer.

5. Special Spa Treatments for Little Ones

Think a spa is an adults-only retreat?  Not at Disney World!  Senses Spa offers special packages for guests between the ages of 4 and 12.  So if you have a deserving prince or princess and wait to spoil him or her, this is the place to do it!  Ask about the “Sweet Treats” manicure and pedicure – each treatment lasts for 25 minutes, and as an extra treat, your little one will receive a yummy surprise once the treatment has come to an end.  (Just keep in mind that all children under the age of 18 must have an adult with them at all times.)

6. Other Ahhhh-menities

So, you’ve finished your service and are enjoying that pleasant post-spa haze of blissful, utter relaxation.  Not quite ready to rejoin the rest of world yet?  Not a problem.  Senses Spa has an array of amenities for guests to enjoy, and you’ll have full access on the day of your visit.  You can enjoy the whirlpool, steam room, and relaxation lounges (we recommend the zero-gravity lounge chairs – ahhh, heaven!).  After all, stress-free moments can be hard to come by, even at Walt Disney World – why not extend them as long as you can?

7. Spa Etiquette

If you’re a first-time spa guest, it’s normal to have some questions about what to do – and, just as importantly, what not to do – during your visit.  While you’re at Senses Spa, you’ll want to turn off your cell phone or mute it – or better yet, leave it in your room.  Other guests also want to enjoy the tranquility of the spa, so it’s customary to speak quietly.  You can request a male or female cast member to provide your treatment, and they’ll do their best to accommodate you.  Finally, plan to arrive half an hour before your scheduled treatment so you’re not rushed or late.

8. Extras

Comfort is the bottom line at the Senses Spa at Walt Disney World.  You’ll find beverage and light snacks in the relaxation lounges (it’s a good idea to drink a lot of water before and after a treatment) for your enjoyment.  There are lockers you can use for your belongings, but it’s really much more conducive to relaxation if you leave non-essential items in your room.  You’ll be invited to use complimentary robes and slippers while you’re waiting for your service (afterwards you can use them to continue your experience in the lounges).  And if you become attached to them, you can always purchase your own set in the boutique after your visit!  What could be better than continuing your spa state of mind at home?

About Jason Dick

Jason is a Disney addict. Walt Disney World trips are an annual occurrence that his partner has had to come to terms with. In between Disney trips, he spends his time running the theatre company he started in 2007. As Artistic Director, he picks musicals to bring to his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario Canada that have never been produced in the area. Traveling is definitely a passion and in addition to his trips to the happiest place on earth, he and his partner also travel the world, most recently to India and Nepal. A carnivore by nature, Jason loves the incredible amount of steakhouses Walt Disney World has to offer - they are always at the top of his list for each and every visit.