Viral Hack Gets Called Out for Destroying Disney Property

Two children seated in a Disneyland ride vehicle with 3D glasses, smiling and holding blasters. A whimsical backdrop and colorful lighting enhance the amusement park setting. Meanwhile, a life-sized Mickey Mouse figure stands nearby, playfully covering his face with one hand, perhaps bashfully avoiding the viral hack that's been criticized for destroying Disney property.

A hack involving Disney’s 3D glasses has gone viral. Now, Disney fans speak out against purposely destroying Disney property.

We’re all for making the most out of a Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort vacation! Hacks, tips, and tricks are some of our favorites to read up on to make the most out of each Disney vacation day. But, when destroying Disney property is considered a hack… it makes us think twice.

Toy Story Mania (Credit: Disney)

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According to InsideTheMagic, Disney Influencer Bri Petrarca (@darlingdreamco) went viral for sharing a hack she thought would be helpful to Guests with children on her Instagram reel and TikTok.

In the video (which has since been deleted), she shows Disney’s 3D glasses, which are used on several attractions throughout the Parks, such as Toy Story Mania at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The hack shown is to bend down the sides of the glasses to fit a child’s head. Ultimately, this “hack” destroys that set of 3D glasses for future use.

A former Disney Cast Member, @pineappleprincess340, took to social media to share the clip, noting, “My recommendation is that you dont take this advice please. Be considerate of the CMs and disney property.” Check out the video below:


My recommendation is that you dont take this advice please. Be considerate of the CMs and disney property. #disneyparks #disneyhacksandtips

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From Walt Disney World budget hacks to hacks to escape the summer heat while in the Parks… we’re all for them! But, when a hack goes viral for destroying Disney property – we highly recommend Disney Park Guests avoid it, as @pineappleprincess340 mentions.

We’re thankful that the initial video has been taken down, as we are sure the Disney influencer had good intentions but didn’t realize the repercussion the video would make.

Credit: Disney

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Disney Tip – Let’s work to keep that “Disney Adult” reputation a strong one by making good decisions when it comes to how we handle Disney’s theme park property with respect.

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