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The BEST Disney World Budget Hack

It’s no secret that a trip to Walt Disney World will most likely break the bank. You can visit Disney World on a budget you’ve made yourself, but when you consider the cost of the Park tickets for everyone in your party, the hotel, transportation to Disney World, and three meals a day, it’s still pretty hard to stay on a low budget.

Then you add in factors like paying for Genie+, merchandise in the parks, and snacks; things can really add up.


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Well, we learned a hack that might help you budget for your Disney World trip, so you don’t feel like you’re coming out of the Parks with completely empty pockets.

Ever seen those Disney gift cards for sale at local stores like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy?

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If you know you have a trip to Walt Disney World Resort coming up, start buying a Disney gift card once a month to help spread out your spending. Does it seem like this won’t actually help you save money? We beg to differ, and here’s why.

By buying Disney gift cards once a month, you can set your budget in advance, so you don’t go over your budget in the heat of the magical moments in Disney World Parks. Let’s say you have a trip to Disney World planned out eight months in advance. Buying just 1 $25.00 Disney gift card once a month for the eight months prior to your trip will give you $200 in Disney cash to spend in the Parks. 200 seems like a lot in one purchase, but 25 is more manageable on a monthly budget.


Credit: Disney Tips

You can set a gift card budget and use your gift cards to just pay for merch, or just snacks, just meals, you get the picture. Whatever it may be, you can plan ahead to set your budget for only those gift cards, and then you’ll know when you’ve reached your spending limit.

Save $800 on gift cards or save $100. No matter how much you want to pay for gift cards each month, you can control your budget for Disney Parks much easier with this hack.


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