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A Quick Look at What Is Coming to Disney World in 2022

Even though 2021 brought Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, 2022 will also be getting a variety of new and exciting opportunities to the Walt Disney World Resort. From new thrill rides to interactive technology, there is so much to experience as 2022 begins at Walt Disney World. Take a look at what you can look forward to as 2022 begins in Disney and get your Disney Vacation planned today!

credit: Disney

credit: Disney

Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser

One of the most highly anticipated openings at the Walt Disney World Resort will be the new Disney Resort option on Disney property. The Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser will be a 2-day cruise-like adventure where Guests travel through the galaxy on board the Halcyon. During their stay, Guests will participate in interactive stories, have food from “other worlds,” and learn about the ship itself. Other activities including lightsaber training and games will also be offered. The first Guests will be welcome aboard on March 1stwith general bookings opening on October 28th, 2021. Guests will be onboard the ship during the two days except when they make a quick dock at a Disney Park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Once docked, Guests will enjoy Rise of the Resistance, Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run as well as Docking Bay 7. This experience will truly put fans into the story. We can’t wait to see how amazing this Disney Resort will be!

MagicBand+ will debut in 2022 at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. The next-generation wearable retains popular features from the original MagicBand and adds new functionality to unlock magical moments throughout Walt Disney World theme parks and resorts. (Disney)


Disney is once again adding a “+” to a feature to make it even better. In 2022, Guests can choose to get new MagicBand+. We have seen MagicBands transition and update throughout the years, and we are interested to see what this new feature will offer. Guests heading on a Disney World vacation will be able to choose if they want to purchase a new Magicband+ that will be filled with exciting interactive features. The MagicBand+ will have color-changing lights, haptic vibrations as well as gesture recognition. We have also been told that the MagicBand+ will interact with the Disney Fab 50 golden character statues found in Theme Park and the firework shows in the parks. We look forward to learning more about this new MagicBand+ and to see how it will improve our Disney vacation.

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Guardians of the Galaxy:  Comic Rewind

Sometime in 2022, we will be able to take a wild ride on the all-new Guardians of the Galaxy: Comic Rewind at EPCOT. Although we don’t know a specific date yet for the opening of this new ride, we were told that 2022 would be the year it will become part of a Disney World vacation. This will be the first omnicoaster in Disney World meaning that the ride vehicles will rotate on a track to make sure Guests are always facing the action around them. There have been sneak peeks at the building and the ride vehicles, and we can’t wait to learn more about this new ride experience and take a ride during our next Disney World vacation.

Amazon Alexa

We were surprised to hear the announcement of a new service called “Hey Disney” that will be provided for Amazon’s Alexa. This new feature will be coming to Disney World Resort hotels as a free complimentary option that Guests will use. “Hey Disney” will be a virtual assistant that can help Guests make their trip even smoother. It can set alarms, look at Park hours for a theme Park, tell when transportation will arrive at a Disney Resort and even help with deliveries to hotel rooms. We don’t know much more about the service; however, we look forward to seeing how we can use it in the future to help with our Disney World vacation once we have arrived at a Disney Resort.

Mears Connect

Disney’s Magical Express will be discontinuing starting January 1st, 2022. If you are traveling after this time, you will need to look at other options for getting from Orlando International Airport to your Walt Disney World Resort. One option that is starting up is called Mears Connect. Mears Connect will be a paid option that Guests can book to help get them from the airport to their Disney Resort. Pricing will depend on the type of service you wish (private or group) as well as the size of your party. If you are traveling down for a Disney World Vacation in 2022, this is something that you can book and reserve ahead of time. This is a great option as Mears was the company that worked with Magical Express, and they should have a good handle on how to run this transportation system.

Credit: InsidetheMagic

Credit: InsidetheMagic

Tron Coaster

Although we haven’t been given confirmation on an opening date, we are hopeful that the new Tron Coaster in Magic Kingdom will be opening in 2022. Construction can easily be followed in the theme Park throughout Tomorrowland, and it seems to be moving quickly along. We are hopeful we will learn more about an opening date soon and be able to enjoy it during our next Disney World vacation and our visit to Magic Kingdom.

Moana- Journey of Water

Another part of the new offerings coming to EPCOT is Moana- Journey of Water. This experience will be a walkthrough attraction as part of the World Nature section of the Park. It will allow Guests to interact with water just like Moana does in her film. Again, an opening date hasn’t been announced, but we are excited for this new experience in EPCOT as part of the transformation.

Even though Disney’s 50th Anniversary Celebration started in 2021, it looks like 2022 will be just as exciting and magical. There are still a lot of key attractions and experiences that will be coming in the next year, and we are thrilled to see how it all comes together to create a magical experience for Guests as they visit Disney. What new experience are you excited to have at Disney World?

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