Are Disney Parks About to Bring Back This Underrated Accessory?

Removable minnie ear bows

What is your go-to accessory that you love to wear while touring Disney Parks? For many Guests it might be spirit jerseys, Loungefly backpacks, or baseball caps, but for the majority, chances are Minnie ear headbands are pretty high on the list.

Until the early 2000s, Minnie ear headbands (and Mickey ear hats) had remained fairly standard with only a handful of designs typically available around Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Around this time, Disney began producing more and more looks when it came to headbands and hats, but we did not really see the variety in the options we have today until the 2010s (and surely the rise of Etsy had something to do with it.)

Back in the “old days,” though, there was one enhancement to the classic Minnie ear headband that has been unavailable for years, and it looks like Disney might be about to bring it back…

UK Minnie Ear Headband

Credit: Disney

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Several years ago, Disney launched Minnie ear headbands with interchangeable bows. The headbands came in a few different varieties including the Disney Park branded accessory (pictured below) and the somewhat more basic (but also more affordable Disney Store alternative.

For whatever reason, the interchangeable bows never really took off. It is possible that most Guests do not go to the Parks often enough to justify having multiple pairs of bows (or ears), as this was part of the reason why Disney’s attempted “Glow With the Show” ears never took off. (If you missed Glow With the Show, these ear hats lit up during nighttime spectaculars in the Park effectively making the audience part of the show. Well, if enough people purchased the specialized ears, that is.)

Interchangeable minnie ear headband

Credit: Disney

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We recently spotted a new Minnie ear headband with a removable bow on shopDisney, however, so we can’t help but wonder if this forgotten trend will finally make a comeback. The new ears with the removable bow feature artwork of all four theme parks at Walt Disney World; Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The ear headband is being marketed simple as a removable bow, where in the past Disney promoted headbands with “interchangeable” bows, but it seems that if this headband were to take off we could see interchangeable bows make a comeback in the future.

Removable minnie bows

Credit: Disney

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Ear headbands simply without the bows have been very on trend lately, so while we would love to see the interchangeable bows make a comeback, it would not be surprising if this pair of ears turns out to be the only pair with a removable bow.

Still, we fondly remember how affordable it was to customize ear headbands by only swapping out the bow rather than purchasing an all-new pair, and think it would be great to see those looks return!

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