Big Changes to Refillable Mugs Coming?

WDWMagic is reporting that big changes might be in the works for the Rapid Fill mugs at Disney resorts.


Guests currently staying at Pop Century, All Star Resorts, and Port Orleans Riverside are reporting that the single day, 2 day and 3 day options are no longer available at these resorts. In its place is a brand new length of stay price of $16.49. This is a reduction of $1.50 per person off the current length of stay price of $17.99.

Whether these changes remain and will be rolled out at other Walt Disney World Resorts remains to be seen.

The Rapid Refill mug is the next gen version of the popular Disney Refillable Mug program that began back in 1991. These programs have only been implemented in the Disney resort properties and there are no plans to extend them into the Parks.

This is how it works: You purchase a mug, go to the beverage station, place your mug on the tray which reads the RFID adhered to the bottom of your mug, you see your mug recognized on a screen that lights up on the front of the machine (made by a company named ValidFill). If it recognizes your mug as “valid” for the day you can fill it with the beverage. Tell us what you think in the comments below or on Facebook.


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