The Ultimate Checklist – 10 Walt Disney World Restaurants You Must Try


Walt Disney World is home to so many different types of restaurants that it will make your head spin. With everything from quick service dining locations offering up burgers and fries to a fine dining opulent restaurant, there is something to please even the pickiest of eaters at Walt Disney World. There are so many full service dining options to ...

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9 Walt Disney World Treats You Must Try

When most guests think of Walt Disney World, they picture classic attractions like Peter Pan’s Flight and iconic buildings like Cinderella Castle. However in addition to all of the amazing attractions, Walt Disney World offers up some of the best food guests will ever have on vacation! From fine dining to quick service locations, there are places for even the ...

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8 Things You Must Know About Disney’s Refillable Mugs

Christy Caby Have you heard about Disney’s refillable mugs? The program has changed a lot over the years from the offerings, the price, the look and feel of the mugs, the technology, etc. Disney is no stranger to innovation and they even brought that to the refillable mugs where their Rapid Fill system controls and meters drink selections utilizing RFID ...

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5 Best Table Service Restaurants in Epcot’s World Showcase

With 11 different countries to choose from in Epcot’s World Showcase, it can be extremely difficult to make dining selections. I don’t know if this list will help make it much easier to make your selections, but maybe it will help a little. I know it will succeed with whetting your appetite, so proceed with caution! Here are what I ...

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The 5 Best Quick Service Restaurants At Walt Disney World

In general, when you think of “theme park food” you may just think hamburgers and hot dogs, or boring food options. Disney takes that up a notch with quick service offerings. You can of course still get your staple hamburgers and hot dogs, but with additional and unique offerings that are exclusive to Disney and become part of the Disney ...

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10 Favorite Walt Disney World Restaurants

There are many factors that go into determining “favorite” Disney World restaurants. You could consider the type of cuisine, atmosphere, location, cost, dress code, etc. in terms of ranking. All of these are important to consider when selecting dining options for your family, but be open-minded. We have never experienced a BAD restaurant choice at Disney. Some of the meal ...

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Top 8 Mickey Shaped Foods At Walt Disney World

Mickey shaped foods—perhaps one of the best parts about visiting Walt Disney World. This list chronicles my top eight picks for the best Mickey shaped snacks. Read on to see my picks, and maybe get some ideas for items you can replicate in your own kitchen: [google_ad] 8. Sprinkles Sprinkles might not be a food in their own right, but ...

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Top 5 Walt Disney World Treats You Must Try


The food experiences can be equally as exciting as the attraction experiences that Walt Disney World has to offer. There are many treats that are either exclusive to Disney or just iconic treats that Disney does extremely well. I know that you don’t have much available precious Disney time available in between all of the other things you want to ...

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6 Foods Not To Be Missed At Walt Disney World

While visiting Walt Disney World, guests have the opportunity to sample everything from basic popcorn to gourmet seven course meals at a chef’s table. There are even several Disney foods that are so popular that they have their own followings and fan clubs. These are some of the foods in Walt Disney World that all guests should try on their ...

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