Celebrate Shark Fest at Disneyland Hotel

Shark Fest
Credit: D23

Disney is celebrating another big event! Shark Fest has been brought to all Guests homes via streaming services to commemorate the four-week event. This celebration is a great way to learn about the fiercely large fish and what they bring to the ocean.

During Shark Fest, fans can explore the event at Disneyland. The Disneyland Hotel is getting a mural featuring a massive shark for a limited time. Similar to the 2022 mural, Disney is bringing sharks back to the Parks.

Shark Fest

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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Disney Parks posted to its Instagram page portraying the creation of the mural. Guests can watch the mural come to life at the iconic hotel. After, take a trip to Disneyland to snap a shot in front of the mural before it’s too late! The mural starts with a deep blue canvas, as muralist Ever Galvez begins. Next up is creating the shark with smaller images hanging adjacent to sketch out the oversized fish. Pairing with National Geographic, Disney Plus, and Hulu, the mural hangs for all to enjoy during the four-week event.

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Shark Fest

This limited event isn’t just featured at the Disneyland Hotel. Now streaming on Hulu and Disney Plus, fans can binge the many shows available. The shows vary from shark attacks to mega and baby sharks to a shark vs. whale series. There are many misconceptions about the oversized fish, like for one, it is not a mammal. Additionally, sharks do not have bones, and they have good eyesight. Even more interesting, “Based on fossil scales found in Australia and the United States, scientists hypothesize sharks first appeared in the ocean around 455 million years ago,” according to NOAA Fisheries.

Surprisingly, Thor himself gets in on the shark action. ‘Thor’ (2011) actor Chris Hemsworth goes “On a mission as he uncovers the science of shark behavior to discover how humans and the ocean’s top predator can safely coexist,” Disney Plus details.

Shark Fest

Credit: Disney Plus

Will you indulge in Disney’s Shark Fest at Disneyland or on Disney Plus?

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