Celebrate World Giraffe Day With Disney

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There are so many fun national holidays, to always give you something to celebrate. Today, June 21, 2023, is deemed World Giraffe Day. The national holiday is initiated by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation to celebrate the tall animal.

At Disney World, Guests get the opportunity to celebrate all of the wildlife. Today specifically, Giraffes get their own celebration to raise support and awareness. While Disney World’s Animal Kingdom may not specifically be celebrating the holiday, there are ways you can from near and far!

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The GCF reports, “By supporting World Giraffe Day (WGD), you directly help save giraffes in Africa, with only approximately 117,000 giraffes remaining in the wild.”

How To Celebrate at Disney World

Kilajamaro Safari

The world’s tallest land animal can be found on the Kilajamaro Safari in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Embark on the journey through Harambe wildlife reserve and witness animals native to places like Africa and Asia, in their protected habitat. Animal sightings other than the beautiful giraffe, are zebras, elephants, cheetahs, and so much more!

Animal Kingdom Safari

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Private Guided Tours

Savor The Savanna and Wild Africa Trek are two private tours with separate fees from Park admission to experience the wildlife in a whole new way. This up-close excursion offers various times throughout the day, giving Guests exotic encounters with some of their favorite animals. Savor The Savanna also offers tastings of African cuisine along with paired adult beverages to complete the experience.

Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo House

If you are lucky enough to stay in this “one-of-a-kind Resort”, you can experience giraffes in a whole new light. This Resort offers views of the Savanna, including giraffe sightings among other animals as they roam freely. But unless you already have a trip planned and are checking in today, this may be a Resort to add to your bucket list. Instead, you can enjoy the ambiance of this African-inspired Resort through its architecture and dining options.

Animal Kingdom Resort

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How To Celebrate at Home


Saving The Giraffes: The Long Journey Home is a film available on Disney+. Here you can watch the rescue of giraffes from Kenya Rift Valley, as a community along with vets and conservationists attempt to save the dying breed.

Animal Kingdom Safari

Credit: D23

How will you be celebrating the world’s tallest land animal on World Giraffe Day?

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