Child Climbs Pole at Disney Parks With Parents Unbothered By Reckless Behavior

Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disneyland Paris

Guests have been getting into all kinds of trouble this year at Disney Parks and Resorts. From dress code violations to physical altercations, there has been an increase in bad behavior at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort lately.

It seems that Disneyland Paris is no exception. A TikTok video posted by @_disney._stuff_  showcases all sorts of shenanigans caught on camera at the European Disney Park.


Credit: Disney

Perhaps the most notorious of them all is shown in the opening clip, which makes for quite an alarming sight! A child can be seen relatively high up on a pole at Disneyland Paris. Where are the parents, you ask? An adult can be seen watching the child in the background, making it appear as if the reckless behavior is allowed.

Other clips in the video show Guests behind gates that are not meant to be trespassed. Disney Parks are not shy about posting signs to clarify their expectations for Guests, which means people really just don’t care when it comes to following the rules.


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In another short clip, we see a child riding a scooter through what looks to be a Resort location. Guests can also be seen sitting on top of Disney property, which is clearly off limits.

What is going on?! Visitors of Disney Parks should consider that breaking the rules isn’t just something that involves themselves. Oftentimes Disney will implement new guidelines that affect all Guests of the Resort.

Do people want Disney Parks to end up like Knott’s Berry Farm in Southern California? The Theme Park recently implemented a chaperone policy due to guests’ less-than-ideal behavior.

Knott's Berry Farm


Visitors at Disney Parks may not think it’s a big deal to behave defiantly, but if every Guest just did whatever they wanted, the Parks would undoubtedly be ruined. With people doing crazy things like dipping their feet in the water during rides, mounting fountains and poles, throwing punches, and yelling at Cast Members, the Parks have become a spectacle these days.

We hope Guests will realize that in order for Disney to maintain its stellar reputation, they must do their part. Hopefully, people will see the error of their ways and decide to contribute to keeping Disney Parks magical!

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