DeSantis Signs Special District Bill Into Law Changing Disney’s Reedy Creek


The status of Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District has been subject to possible changes or dissolution since Florida Governor Ron DeSantis became involved in a feud with the Walt Disney Company last year. At the time, the DeSantis administration had proposed the “Don’t Say Gay” (or Parental Rights in Education Bill), which Disney eventually took a stance against.

In the weeks that followed, the DeSantis administration then turned toward work on a takeover of Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District, which had been the local government entity of the Walt Disney World Resort since it was created through a special Act of the Florida Legislature in 1967.

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Credit: Jacksonville Business Journal

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Today, February 27, 2023, DeSantis signed the bill outlining changes to Reedy Creek into law, which calls for the immediate dissolution of the district. Under the new law, the Reedy Creek Improvement District will be renamed Central Florida Tourism Oversight District and it will operate with a board of directors selected by the DeSantis administration.

Governor DeSantis shared a full video of the bill signing and additional commentary on what led his administration to push for such a decision to his Twitter account:

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WESH notes that the changes to Reedy Creek will include a new requirement for Disney having to report budget and finances to the state government, along with updates to how approvals will work going forward for expansions beyond current property lines, as well as restrictions on the kind of structures Disney can build, like airports and stadiums to name a few.

Within the past year, first responders who work for Reedy Creek have shared their support for the state’s takeover of the district while Florida residents and Disney Park fans have expressed varied opinions on the issue.

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We at Disney Tips will continue to monitor updates on the changes to the Reedy Creek Improvement District and will report back with more information once we have it.

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