Did You Know Today is Vulture Awareness Day? Disney Celebrates!

Did you know today, September 5, is Vulture Awareness Day? No? It’s ok, we didn’t either! Well, Disney took to Facebook to share the fun news as they celebrate with some fun vulture photos! We also share a quick video of our favorite Disney vultures below from The Jungle Book.


Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment took to Facebook to share: “#DidYouKnow today is Vulture Awareness Day? These birds are often feared, but they are truly misunderstood as they play a critical role in our ecosystem – serving as nature’s clean-up crew. To learn more about vultures and how you can help them, visit @DrMarkAtDisney on Instagram and tune in to #AskDrMark today, featuring Animal Keeper Tricia and Cari, one of our lappet-faced vultures.”

Three photos were included in the post:


You can also catch a quick video with Dr. Mark Penning, VP of Disney’s Animals, Science & Environment, Instagram page:–jMao/

And just for fun, we thought we’d share a quick video of some of our favorite Disney vultures! Remember The Jungle Book “That’s What Friends Are For” song? Enjoy!

Happy Vulture Awareness Day!

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