Disney and DeSantis Debate Trial Details

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Credit: Disney

The drama between the Walt Disney Company and Governor Ron DeSantis continues. Following conversations over parental rights, education bills, and what to do with the former Reedy Creek improvement district, the two parties are already debating the details of the upcoming trial.

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Disney has requested a start date of July 2024, while the Governor DeSantis team wants to push the date further back to August 2025.

DeSantis’ Date

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There are a few opinions regarding the very different start dates. Some believe that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hopes to delay the trial until after the 2024 presidential election. Some have even speculated that he may be hoping to claim some form of presidential immunity – if he wins. But the road to the White House for Governor DeSantis won’t be easy or quick. First, he must face off against other Republican challengers in the primaries, including political opponents such as Nikki Haley and former president Donald Trump. Then, he will have to take on Joe Biden – and beating an incumbent president is often considered a difficult task – regardless of their political party or popularity.

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Disney’s Date

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Credit: Disney

Over on the Walt Disney Company’s side, pushing a trial day a year away is sooner than the request from Gov Ron DeSantis. However, it’s still a long time out. If the company plans to replace Disney CEO Bob Iger, per their original plan, he would be getting ready to exit during or just after the trial begins. It may also be part of Disney’s strategy to keep the lawsuits out of the headlines over the next year as Disney tries to devise a winning plan to recoup their stock price and bulk up their box office and Disney Plus numbers.

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However, these theories are all speculation. Only the people behind closed doors (both at the Walt Disney Company and the Florida Governor’s team) know the real motives for their chosen dates.

As stated before, no one wins when Florida lawmakers fight against Walt Disney World.

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