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Disney Cast Members Get a Nice Surprise

Who wouldn’t love to make Park Pass reservations for any day of the year?

That random Tuesday at Magic Kingdom just to get some yummy Cheeseburger Spring Rolls. A Thursday at EPCOT to quench that hankering for pizza at Via Napoli. And let’s be honest, who hasn’t wanted to go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios solely because they were craving a Wookie Cookie from Backlot Express. We’ve all been there a time or two, but sometimes it’s not as easy as just making a Park Pass reservation.

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If you are a Walt Disney World Annual Pass Holder with any other pass than the Incredi-Pass level, then you know all about block-out dates, especially if you have the Pixie or Pirates Level Pass. There is one group that usually has to worry about even more block-out dates and that would be Cast Members.

Cast Members are given free admission to the Parks as a thank you for their commitment and hard work for Walt Disney World. We all would agree it’s a well-deserved perk of employment, or at least it would be if they could get a Park Pass reservation. If you are a Cast Member who was looking to make a Park Pass reservation for the month of April or May, then you would have had very limited options throughout both months. At least one of Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme parks would not be available and on many days, no Park Pass reservations were available.

We understand that to some people, it’s hard to complain about block-out dates when you’re getting a free admission ticket, even though it is well deserved. It can still be extremely frustrating all the same. 


Credit: Disney

The higher-ups at Walt Disney World, or maybe Tinkerbell using some of that famous pixie dust, have made some changes to the block-out dates for Cast Members. Walt Disney World has removed all of the block-out dates for Cast Members for all four Parks, from now through May 28, 2022.

This is a great decision on the part of the company higher-ups because we all know that the Cast Members are the ones who create the magic for the rest of us. We can’t tell what will happen in June since the block-out schedule has yet to be posted, but with any luck, or pixie dust, the Cast Members will be able to have more options to enjoy the Parks that they work so hard for. 


Credit: Disney

Walt Disney once said that “when you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable” which these Cast Members do every day. They believe in the magic so much and so unquestionably that they make it come true for all of us that visit this incredibly magical place.

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